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At the beginning of last year, when the United States launched a trade war against China, I was immersed in writing “The Origin of Money”. As a researcher in the history of money, I was very confused about the motives of the US move, just like witnessing a powerful robotic hand. Unplugged the plug that charges itself, and then declares that it is going to perform a “human impossible” task.

International relations and trade are areas that I am not familiar with, and even my favorite history of money is full of controversy and unknown. Therefore, over the past year, I have always observed and disputed Sino-US trade disputes and negotiations. The state of thinking, rarely commented. Recently, as the United States further increased the scope of tariffs on China’s exports, I suddenly felt that I understood something.

First of all, from the perspective of currency history, the most powerful weapon of the United States is the US dollar. The most precious wealth of the United States is the international status of the US dollar. This is the first time that human beings have completely established a world-wide pass after they have left the gold standard. Banknote system. With the US dollar, you can buy almost all the goods in the world (payment convenience), holding the US dollar can prevent domestic inflation (preservation savings), and holding the US dollar can be hedged by various financial instruments in the US capital market. The risk position (risk management) of almost any asset, holding the US dollar allows the American people to concentrate on their work, rest assured to consume, and retired with peace of mind (stable expectations). The US dollar is already the “world currency” of today. The international status of the US dollar is the most worthy value system that the US government is trying to defend.

Second, the US trade deficit looks very big. After the publicity of the US politicians and the media, it sounds even more scary. However, if you look at the US trade deficit from the perspective of currency history, you will laugh: this is no longer the gold standard era. The trade deficit will not lead to the loss of gold reserves, nor will it bring about a reduction in the base currency. It will not bring about the collapse of the monetary system and the economic recession. As a superpower with the “world currency” coinage, the United States has the privilege of imposing a “coinage tax” on people all over the world. It must also bear the trade deficit (from the perspective of currency history, the trade deficit is actually the US A channel for global currency delivery).

Let me first talk about the fact that the United States imposes a coinage tax on the people of the world. The concept of the coinage tax in the era of the banknotes is different from the coinage tax in the gold standard era. Here is actually an image metaphor. Imagine an ordinary person in a developing country, he Xin After working hard for a lifetime, he has accumulated a pension. In order to prevent the risk of depreciation of his own currency, he would rather save it in dollars. For the United States, it is nothing more than printing a stack of colorful papers. With this stack of paper money, ordinary people in a developing country can work hard for a lifetime. After retirement, they will continue to slap their own peace and happiness – this is An invisible coinage tax. Is there any more valuable privilege in this world? I am afraid there is no more.

The trade deficit is the channel and means for the United States to put money into the world! The United States has used the trade deficit to export dollars to other countries around the world. After the central banks of other countries buy the dollars sold by the exporters of the country from the open market, they can be included in the foreign exchange reserves, and then they can successfully put in the local currency. The base currency is gone.

Imagine that if the current situation is as expected by some people in the US government and the United States maintains a trade surplus with the world, then the US dollar will definitely return to the United States. The central banks of the world have less and less US dollar reserves, and the US dollar circulating in the international market. In the end, the Fed was forced to shrink its watch in order to maintain price stability, and the US dollar issued in the past was written off at both ends of the balance sheet. Will the US economy be better? What is the international status of the dollar? Can the United States also impose a “coinage tax” on people all over the world?

Therefore, “bearing the trade deficit” and “having the world currency” are two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated at all. Now, the problem is simplified: Is the United States willing to give up the world currency status of the dollar? Is the trade deficit important or the world currency important? Are these two important? For those who have a little knowledge of the background of currency history, I know what the United States wants.

Some experts believe that the purpose of the US trade war against China is to reverse the trade deficit with China. Some scholars believe that the United States will launch a long-term trade war with China in order to completely relocate the manufacturing industry chain firmly rooted in China to the United States. Go; these views have some remarkable points, but in the perspective of currency history, it is worthy of scrutiny.

The return of manufacturing to the United States seems to have reversed the trade deficit, but we have already said that the trade deficit is a must for the dollar hegemony. Instead of reducing the trade deficit, it is better to defend the dollar hegemony and let the world’s resources, capital, talents, technology and asset prices rotate according to the US dollar baton, which makes more sense for the United States.

What is currency? Money is not wealth and assets. The currency in the era of banknotes is a colorful piece of paper. Its core is a set of values, a system, a rule, and an order. For the owner of the cinema, maintaining the order of the cinema can attract people to watch the movie (please imagine the ticket as a tax on the coin), which is much more important than watching a movie in my own position! What should the United States want to move back the manufacturing industry chain? It certainly wants the value chain of the dollar system!

Having said so much about the United States, I am thinking about our own domestic situation? Is the goal we are pursuing to continue to maintain a trade surplus with the United States? of course not! “Winning the trade war with the United States in order to continue to maintain the surplus” and “by negotiation to create a more favorable external environment for the reform and opening up for a period of time”, these two goals are light and heavy? The answer is clear at a glance. The continuous accumulation of trade surplus means that the People’s Bank of China means that it needs to continue to buy the US dollar to put in the renminbi, so that our local currency distribution channels and methods rely heavily on the trade surplus. This is why our economic transformation and upgrading has been said many years later. One of the reasons for the lack of obvious results. Establishing a complete, independent, dollar-independent currency issuance system is an important mission of a national central bank. This is also the core content of the China Monetary Sovereignty Report, which our institute has recently written.

If in the course of a trade war, the primary goal of the United States is not to eliminate the trade deficit, and China’s primary goal is not to maintain a trade surplus, then how can this trade war continue? The situation of the Fed must be dilemma, because once the 25% tariff is imposed on China, it means that the actual purchasing power of the dollar will fall. In the past, American consumers spent $40 to buy a pair of good running shoes, but now they have to spend an extra $10. Doesn’t this weaken the purchasing power of dollar holders? Doesn’t this reduce the attractiveness of the dollar accordingly? Does anyone really think that the United States can reduce the US fiscal deficit by adding 25% of the tariffs on 500 billion Chinese goods? This view is stupid.

When the purchasing power of the dollar declines and the dollar becomes “hairy,” people will sell dollars-priced assets, which is even more deadly for the United States. The biggest hope of the United States is that the people of all countries are safe to hold the dollar-denominated assets and not sell them to the market. Further, if China and the United States successfully reach an agreement, the purchasing power of the US dollar will increase, and the overseas market of American companies will expand, thus pushing up the US stock market. This is in line with the fundamental interests of the “world currency” minting countries.

Having said that, my conclusion is very clear. I believe that the trade war itself is not in the fundamental interests of China and the United States, and winning the trade war is not the primary goal pursued by China and the United States. Our leaders have long said that we have a thousand reasons to do a good job in Sino-US relations, and there is absolutely no reason to ruin Sino-US relations. The thousand reasons are not the duplication of cooperation between the two countries in a certain field (such as trade), but the discovery of cooperation opportunities and potential in a thousand different new areas. Therefore, I believe that it is possible for the two countries to reach a comprehensive cooperation agreement in a wider area including trade in the near future. After all, China and the United States and the two sides benefit, the cooperation between the two countries is a gospel for the people of the world.

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Things May to Give New Tips to the EU Wed, 20 Feb 2019 11:25:31 +0000 The post Things May to Give New Tips to the EU appeared first on Extracurricular Activities.

Thirtya will present the EU with new legal suggestions to solve the issue of Irish’s back on Wednesday, in which Diving Street hopes to convince Eurovotesx to rely on its break-up agreement.

Things May to Give New Tips to the EU

On Tuesday, Phil Hammond confirmed Chancellor that the government did not intend to pursue alternative arrangements for the background in this agreement, which includes Eurosofic Steve Baker and soft brands Nikki Morgan.

Instead, to meet Prime Minister Brokussels, to visit the European Commission President Jean Clark Junk, with a plan to secure legal assurances that the background does not binding the British permanently in a traditional union. Will be

It was forced to enter the conservative parliament, which met Tuesday on Tuesday that the background of Irish could not be changed by “Maltese corpus”. .

However, he emphasized that this solution will be examined in future to solve the problem of traditional management in the Irish border.

Hammond confirmed that the UK, held by the night’s association of EEF on Tuesday, was not able to compromise the multi-core compartment for dinner. He called the project a “valuable effort” which should be reversed during the transition period, but it was said that it can not be resolved now.

“It is clear that the EU will no longer consider the backup space with such alternative management, to resolve our immediate challenge,” he added, alternative management “EU legislation and Important changes will be needed in traditional ways “EU member states and others need to be communicated”.

10 No range was hoping to save the fixed agreement and put it in Parliament next week, but senior sources acknowledged that the time was going on. Hammond pointed out that the votes can still come next week, “Parliament members in the next few days have to think long and hard about the choice.”

The ownership contract was named after the House of Mines, Kit Maltaouus, who had drafted the draft as an attempt to find the Brakez agreement.

The most toughest Eurosphysics has repeatedly said that they will only support May’s agreement when the agreement is written to change the EU’s return-mechanical system that will keep the UK in a traditional union if There is no solution to the Irish border.

However, Jacob Ries-Mogg and Steve Baker asserted that the Malta’s agreement was “still alive and kick” and he said he is moving forward.

Some 10 seems to be bound to keep the UK bound in the Custom Union in the constitution of the constitution to maintain its expectations for controlling legal assurances.

Spokesman Secretary Stephen Barclock Monday discussed talks during the talks of the European Union’s Berkech talks.

He was warned to Bonnar that the result of this agreement would result in the absence of any additional matter or in the matter of parliamentary elections, there would be additional uncertainty and difficulties in the UK and EU negotiations.

If May and Jinnar agreed on a possible way on Wednesday night, the authorities will then start working on technical and legal operations. This goal is for Jeffrey Cox, the Attorney General, it might be able to change the government into its legal advice, which tells us that the background meant a permanent traditional union. Hopefully this week, Cox is expected to set up its speech.

In a press conference at Stuttgart on Tuesday, Junker expected his meeting with May. He said: “For me it is not enough movement that it is expected to interact with a concrete result.”

The European Commission’s Chief Spokesman explained the difference between the fact that the parliament’s talks about the expectations and reality before the May.

Barracke and Quixs asked about Rainier’s two-hour meeting, the spokeswoman said: “We can not accept a time limit to get back out of a backup or a mutual way and to discuss this week more What can be done for this? It can get the most possible cooperation in the UK parliament and respect the instructions agreed by the European Council. ”

EU sources expressed disappointment that they were “re-educated” Cox, who are new to negotiations, about the lack of realities in central demands by May. Sources said Barney and his deputy, “Soonnecks” were in the end to end the agreements of Malta on Saturday. Barney told Barclay that there was no solution to solve the problem of suspending the EU’s laws on the border. Later, Vandand privately said that the EU was formed for the first time in August 2017.

Authorities are translating the previous promises in the legal text by Junker, and work on technical solutions to European Union’s counterpart, Donald Task, temporary nature of the background, and to forward future backgrounds. Intend to do

But the authorities are doubtful that such action will be completed by the Republican Union or Tory Breakers, who would be re-opened on the withdrawal agreement to win their support.

Between the German Foreign and Financial Ministers, talks with Heiko Mais and Peter Altier, Hunt is expected to be “deeply harmful, economically and politically” in failure to approve the withdrawal agreement.

“Hunt ahead, in front of the main weeks and hopefully Brockist will not be enough to solve himself,” Hunt will say. “Stocks are still high: we need to make sure that the deal is reached to ensure that. At that moment, we all have a heavy responsibility. We do not want to do the future in the future. Follow our actions and ask yourself that Europe has failed to gain a modest change in its relationship with Britain – a country that is not just a partner, but in all sense, friend and allied friendship is possible. ”

At the time of departure, the cabinet was also updated about the option of the uninterrupted brake if the May Parliament could not approve approval. According to a cabinet, only Treasury Secretary Lisa Troy has talked about not having a contract as an option to interact.

Things May to Give New Tips to the EU

“I can not understand how the number 2 can still sign it in the treasury,” said the Cabinet. But he added that there could not be any agreement in the room as a talk-making tactic.

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Britain needs a day counting the exchange will provide it Mon, 18 Feb 2019 10:51:45 +0000 The post Britain needs a day counting the exchange will provide it appeared first on Extracurricular Activities.

Something is still true about the first days of Brickest. There is still no exhibition on the deal, and there is no agreement. There is no parliament that has to understand about slide management in anonymous, instead of voting after the vote after the vote, and instead of suggesting a little bit of bitterness.

The scene outside the Parliament is a combination of fractures and nuts, each with fish and flags and signs and regals. On the other hand, strangers are happening: Defender guests have begun to strieve, we are discussing Winston Churchch and Boer-based concentration camps and taking children in the streets: “Thirty-thirty months later Go. ” It feels like the last days. A pandemic mix that once throws but now and finally passed through the killer.

The end of a boat that runs out of a common meaning is inevitable. Not only this, it should be welcomed. It’s time It is time that the country wants to come to terms with the fact that it can be very long for some of its basic reasons to deny it. And if a dirty unwanted breakout is the way to do this then be it.

It is a few weeks of weeks that Brickest, perhaps a difficult break, is now more likely. Nevertheless, counterintuitively, it also seems that it is necessary. The country has spread beyond the last date of the next month and it is polarized in forecasting, liar and prediction fever that will actually break itself after cutting. But the brakes have already overwhelmed the UK’s important dialogue that we might never be.

If it seems that we are all working in the past two years, they are talking about a backup or in connection with the conversation, then think again. The Brex has shown an unhealthy zenophobia and immigration system that he called – on the right and left. You hear a soft touch for the waist and immigrants born in the UK, now it has come through the Home Office Brussels because it sends unsettled posts to the EU citizens who live in the country for decades. This is a teaching.

He has exposed our political class, which is surrounded by useless and useless under the microscope of Brooklyn. To spread Jeff Twice, Breakstick dropped on the login and we saw what happened. The presence of David Davis’s street failure, Boris Johnson, unaware of Michael Gouve, Jacob’s presence and representation of meaningful and unfortunate commitment. We have seen that the future ministers of the country have to learn about employment and then escape from the scene – usually shows west Westmasters, and especially for Tourism, Pune Scheme, A trust trick. Now we believe that business politics of serious politics in this country gives them their reward, which is the only way to skill skills.

The referendum has then expressed an exception. It is not a coincidence that the legacy of the Church has become a matter of public debate. It is an argument that reflects the internal disorder of the UK whether it is different from the rest of the world or can not be its own attempt. It is a quest for a soul, the UK’s history has a long term question of the traditional account. Is the country specially attributed to the historical writing and determination that has helped its enemies to destroy the wars of the two world and run the kingdom; or is it the country that ran through the emperor’s empire? , And just won these wars as the pursuit of unity? Can we go to her alone? Have we ever done that we are very memorable to see Michelle and Web Look Quote, Bad?

On this, academic Paul Gully pointed out to me that it is based on the UK’s global profile that has reduced the ability to focus on building the internal nation. He said “The British state is a machine to run and find in the world.” “It does not work great when it comes to the modern nation’s business.”

Finally, there is a difference between the winners and the necklace, between the center and the population, both exposed economically and culturally. There is a double discipline about the break. There are many people who feel as if someone can not lose an extraordinary scene, and also promote the possibility of moving forward. This happens when a country’s food crisis is fed as a glamorous movie rail. You can not fight this appetite for technical evidence about processing times in indoor: These defective concepts can only be lost from a real crisis.

And that’s why breakout should be calculated. One weapon must move. From the beginning, the break generated its speed. Once the question was asked – inside or outside? – Not all the problem, legitimate or legitimate, can be presented on it, as a “in-house”, it is widely seen as a vote. Within this frame, nothing is economical predictions, warnings of drug exit, and the risks of food storage needs. The rest of the campaign could not be different: this question was asked to lose that moment.

And in this way, perhaps, finally, we will finally assume that immigration economy and NHS are essential, that the equality between the Southeast and the rest of the UK is unstable, to be more than our political class. Will be And manage We also believe that other crises, like seasonal changes, are also real.

Perhaps, finally, outside of Europe, instead of blaming them, the country will find its way by facing its problems and will forget its way. But the only way to find. What a shameful breakout is this – but nobody is better at all.

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The elections of the municipality will be called “Kara”, but the process of reconciliation has not come to an end yet apparently the idea that the joints will be breaking and the decision ” Another condition that has been said that the ministers and members of the members of the assembly will not be given the municipal position, due to which many strong candidates will be “disqualified”.

For example, alternative candidates are now considered replaced by Sher Ali Gorchani’s father Pervaiz Iqbal Gorchani, father of Saeed Munsee, the son of Saeed Munseen, chairman of District Council, for the district council. Now, a new candidate Safdar Hussain Mazari has come forward for Rajanpur, who is uncle of Mazar Maqari MPA.

According to the sources, they are supported by the members of National Assembly Jafar Khan Laghari, while Nursalah Dashakshi Group, which is a strong group with less than 20 seats in the district council, is ready to cooperate with the condition of voice chairmanship.

Saeed Ahmad Manees, his brother and provincial minister, Asif Saeed Munse, members of Punjab Assembly Yousuf Kuala Lia, Bilal Akbar Bhatti, Provincial Parliamentary Secretary Naeem Akhtar Bhabhah and Member National Assembly Sajid Mehdi Salaam, were last days for the district-wardi on the occasion of Mian Saqib Khursheed. The meeting The situation was discussed in the meeting, who would be the alternative candidate for the case of Asim Saeed Munsis.

? Some circles are also Abdul Qayyum, but they are not taking any final decision yet, but there are still several steps left. The non-interest in the future of the Government’s Institutions is that even the successful candidates in Punjab did not even have notification. It will be the first notification, then there will be special seats for elections. After that, oaths will be reversed.

Meanwhile, the PML-N has set a parliamentary board to elect the candidates of Punjab’s provincial head, which will decide the tickets of the heads of district councils and deputy heads and municipal corporation and municipal committees officials. So, the Chief Minister is Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, but in his place, he will work his son Hamza Shahbaz instead.

Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Sher Ali Gorchani and Senator Saud Majeed were included in the Board for representation of South Punjab. According to the sources, the candidates of South Punjab will be decided first. Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab was the only district where the PPP won the success, not the Magdives PPP but the success of Syed Ahmed Mahmood, which was attended by the party succeeded and there was apparently a view that Syed Ahmed Mahmood’s brother Ali Mahmood will be chairman of the District Council.

But now there are some signs of change in the situation. In the PML-N’s constituencies, former chairman District Council, Azhar Lariari, has been circulating the name, but now the facts are changing and former federal minister and member of the National Assembly Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar has created a new situation by creating a new situation in which Muslim League-N The success of their candidate seems to be full, but perhaps the principle of sacrifice should be given that the relatives of the ministers and members of the assembly will not be able to get part of the municipal event.

If this rule breaks, many others will be good. Apart from this, by increasing the number of Voice Chairman, the maximum number of people by ranking the positions of positions is also making the way to successful candidates’ success. Rahim Yar Khan has mentioned that this news should be mentioned, also the PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto is visiting Punjab in the same month to restore the lost party’s fortune in Punjab, which started with Rahim Yar Khan.

The proposal for this visit was given by Syed Ahmed Mahmood, who has been preparing for a large scale, but before Rahim Yar Khan, one of the first and greatest trials took place in Lahore when he will address the Lahore High Court Question will be a session session. Earlier, the readings are written and the pulses are thought to be, but now the readable skeleton will be with people who can make the pulse of older elders. The game of special opportunities and opportunities in which it keeps moving But in the near future, the PPP will not be able to test its popularity, and how much water has passed through the rivers which do not go till the next elections.

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