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Prime Minister Boris Johnson will request the Brexit extension the British government

The UK government has informed the court for the first time after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's persistent denial of a request for an extension, requesting an EU extension if there is no agreement until October 19. According to a foreign news agency, documents submitted by the government to the court have revealed that the prime minister will act according to the law, but the statement of the prime minister has not given any explanation regarding the contradiction. That the Prime Minister is le...

gal to protect himself Take the route or try to pressure the European Union to deny an extension request. Prime Minister Boris Johnson submitted documents to the Scottish Court to prevent the Ben Act, a law passed by the British Parliament last month. The Prime Minister has mandated that if he cannot finalize the agreement in the next two weeks, he will have to apply for an extension. It should be noted that last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said They will follow the law, but it is better to ask for an extension of the history of the Brexit deal than to fall into the abyss. Speaking at a Police Recruitment event in Yorkshire, Boris Johnson said that people were not prepared for the European Union, I am sorry that something had to be done to unite the country and that is the reality. He said that the country loses one billion pounds a month when it is linked to the European Union, so we will focus on the problems of the people by resolving the Brexit issue. The British Parliament has suspended the British Parliament from opposing Brig. It was also approved by the court, calling it illegal, after which opposition members had said they would resolve the Brexit before any attempt was made to oust the prime minister.