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The unemployment rate in the US is at the lowest level in 50 years

Washington (NNI) - The US Labor Department has said that the unemployment rate in the United States has reached 3.5 percent, the lowest level in 50 years. People got jobs. The Monthly Report on Employment said that the longest economic growth is still sustained, but wages have stopped rising. And production payrolls are down for the first time in 6 months. According to the report, jobs in the retail and utilities sector are being cut. The report comes after reports of a 10-year record in weak...

ness-based production and a slowdown in the services industry, improving the US economy, says Josh Wright, chief economist at ICIMS in New York The unemployment rate increases before the economic crisis, but the recent downturn has left the risk of the economic crisis unchanged by the end of 2020. That had been the case for 3 months. The 15 months of US President Donald Trump's administration have had a ripple effect on China's trade war economy. The trade war has led to a loss of confidence in business, while investment and production have also declined. The US House of Representatives has accused Donald Trump of pressing the president of Ukraine into an investigation against former US Vice President Joe Biden. Economists say those reasons Because of this, the Federal Reserve may have to cut interest rates for the second time this year. The central bank had lowered interest rates last month to spread the right direction in economic systems rhy.fydrl Reserve Chairman Jeremy Puella claimed that the economy in the right direction and our task is to maintain as possible.