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16 bad habits that spoil your teeth

They say the smile is a cover letter, and it's true! If you want yours to be bright and bright, the first step is to take maximum care of your teeth. And that, in addition to the essential periodic visits to the dentist to prevent major problems or solve those that already exist, implies banishing some bad habits from your daily routine. Do you know what bad habits spoil your teeth?
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first time Francisco visited his dentist, it took him a second to realize the ravages that the cigarette had done not only on the teeth but on the gums of his patient. In addition to making the fillings that Francisco needed, he had to refer him to a specialist (or periodontist) to treat advanced periodontitis (or pyorrhea) that was seriously threatening his gums and dentures. Smoking is definitely one of the worst habits that harms the entire body, not just the health of your mouth. But there are many more that you should avoid.

Bad habits that damage teeth

Although there are few things more difficult than changing habits, you should propose to modify these bad habits that spoil your teeth: • Smoking . Nicotine darkens enamel and stains teeth . It can also cause gum disease , which in turn loosen the teeth. And if it doesn't seem enough, it also gives bad breath , affects taste buds ... and can cause cancer of the mouth, lips and tongue  (oral cancer). If there is only one habit on this list that you must change urgently, it is this one. Your mouth and your whole body will get immediate benefits. • Use teeth as a tool. If you usually uncover the soda bottles with your teeth, they can fracture and wear out. They are also damaged if you use them to open medicine bottles and cardboard or paper containers.
• Cut the thread with the teeth. Even if it seems easier, don't do it! Keep scissors handy when you sit down to sew. Cutting the thread with the teeth wears them out. • Grinding your teeth or clenching them excessively (bruxism) . It wears the surface of the teeth and can even loosen them. It also affects the jaw joint. Check with your dentist. You may even need to sleep with a special protector (splint or occlusal guard) so you don't do it unconsciously while you sleep. • To bite nails. In addition to not being hygienic and making your fingers, in fact, your hands look ugly, this habit increases the chances of you suffering from bruxism. • Suck cough drops. Apart from its medicinal value, it is more or less like sucking candies, because both are full of sugar. In both cases, brush well after sucking. • Eat sweet jelly beans. In addition to having the above problem, the gummies stick to the teeth, and the sugar (and the acids it produces) remain in contact with them for hours, causing damage to the enamel. • Drink coffee. Their color and acidity can stain the teeth or turn them yellow. Again, brush your teeth often to prevent staining and deterioration of the enamel. • Drink wine. Both red and white wine contain acids that deteriorate tooth enamel, making them more vulnerable to stains. Red wine also contains a pigment that stains them. To reduce the harmful effect of wine, you should rinse your mouth with water after drinking it or brush your teeth with whitening paste. • Drink soda (soda, soda). Not only candies and candies are full of sugar . Sodas also have a good amount, not counting the acids they contain, and that affect the enamel (these acids, by the way, are also in diet sodas that do not contain sugar, but artificial sweeteners or sweeteners). • Chew ice. Yes, it's just frozen water, refreshing, sugar free ... but it's hard! Chewing can fracture teeth or cause cracks. • Eat package fries. The starch they contain becomes acidic, and this acid can attack the teeth for up to 20 minutes. If you eat them, try brushing your teeth and flossing as soon as possible. • Eat lots of snacks between meals. These foods produce less saliva than a meal, and their remains stay between the teeth for hours. Try to reduce the frequency, and choose snacks low in sugar and starch, such as carrot sticks. • Bite the pencils. Do you usually bite pencils when you are concentrating, studying or working? Stop doing it. It's the same as chewing ice: it can fracture your teeth. • Brush your teeth very hard or with a hard bristle brush. It can cause gum retraction and excess sensitivity in them. • Brush your teeth with horizontal movements. Wear the enamel. The right thing is to brush them with circular movements. How many of these bad habits do you practice? Although you can't eliminate them all at once, start small, and if possible, start by leaving the most dangerous first, such as cigarettes. Also try to visit the dentist regularly for your checkups and cleanings, and to discover any problems in time, and remedy. It is also important that you maintain good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth and flossing . After that, smile without fear! Surely you will make a good impression.