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The war of dissolution of the subcontinent

India's intensely aggressive aggression against India on Kashmir border continues with intensities and extremism last year. As a result, the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir were celebrated by civil jammu, in fact, the rule of Indian Bharatiya Janata Party (Bharatiya Janata Party), the Jaita Party, was targeted for the past-year-old elections in a controlled area. The valley was to create an atmosphere of terror in Kashmir, so that every day there will be a slavery bound to the leaders of t...

he movement and the wave of wave of movement of liberation in the masses. History has been in its state of the truth that any Indian government has not only acknowledged Pakistan's embarrassment but also provided its proof with its actions and that is why any of India's If a government has rescued the nominated assembly elections in the occupied Kashmir, the Muslim leadership and the people of Kashmir have rejected it. This is an incredible fact that all the elections in the occupied Kashmir used to be used in the region in the region, more than eight lakh armed forces of India and the bloodshed in the shadow of guns, during which Jeddah-e-Jeddah was the Mujahideen of Freedom Kashmir and freedom The people of the world will open their lives on the ground, and the Kashmiris and the innocent Kashmiri people will become extremist. In Kashmir, Kashmir has never been stopped by killing people of Kashmir and killing innocent women, children and men. Establishment of this regard, written in the form of writing by the Indian writers in the occupied Kashmir, as many as the helpless women have suffered from the women's hands. Their number can not be estimated. There is more than a month in occupied Kashmir, when the Hurriyatists of Azad Azad Kashmir have not irrigated their blood in the valley, and the Indian army has not handled their hands with blood of these innocents. Since recently, the entire valley of occupied Kashmir has become a source of blood from Kashmiri Muslims. It is a matter of looming and Muslim hostility of the Indian leaders that they are not avoiding joke of Kashmiri spots, to offer sacrifices for liberation despite the liberation of hundreds of millions of Indian people in open-ups. The last five months of the occupied Kashmir valley have been introduced with the smell of modern weapons of Indian birds. Café is always implemented in the occupied area, anywhere in the world, if there are so many people living in the craft for so long, there is no preliminary availability of essential medicines, including the food items. People of the occupied Kashmir are also two in the same situation. There is a problem of the availability of food items for men and women there and to restore the body and soul's relationship with the elderly. Diseases are not available for children, sick people are unable to obtain medicines because of food delivery and medication in the occupied Kashmir. By Indian Army birds, a kind of regular warfare against the Hurriyat-based people As a result, it has been suspended for several weeks and the activities of the Indian government have increased to the extent that the Indian Army has prevented the food supply from the entry into the valley, and this process is continuing, as India's Modi leadership The Government of Known Government is cruelly treated with its "helplessness" which is for its own rights and they are not Despite this, there is a tremendous test against the armed forces of India. Of course, last year, a human rights delegation in the occupied Kashmir by the UN Human Rights Commissioner has been asked to access the Modi government, and its answer was targeted to the convoy of the human rights commission in twelveteen and The delegation was not permitted to go to the occupied valley, while the Indian army continued to witness the killing of innocent people in the occupied valley, and Modi government sent more than 10,000 troops occupied Kashmir to accelerate the practice of hurriyatists. Is. In this context the fact that can not be ascertained, if any region like a occupied valley is intentionally surrendered to the army and its task is to bring a person's sleep and death to death, It is fascinating to imagine the protection of the shepherd and the four walls of the blood of the enemy, in the region's horror and the blood pressure of the Army, due to the fear of embarrassment. That is why the so-called Kashmiris have been impressed by the Indian army's military trains not only to tackle the patriarch and bravery, but in the movement of freedom, thousands of women were respected. The incredible fact is that the war of the dissolution of the occupied Kashmir in the occupied Kashmir is being fought, and in fact, one million children, Tawheed, had to sacrifice martyrdom for the achievement of Pakistan and took fifty thousand Muslim women, then in the completion of their agenda. This series of sacrifices continues, but when the incredible series of sacrifices in Pakistan's pursuit, the Muslims were fighting their survival in this subcontinent. The nation was unbelievable. Without political leadership, the nation had no precautionary situation, there was no power that could cut off the hands of the birds of the world, to cut off the sons of Khorasan Tawheed as carrot moldy and to repel the honor of Muslim women. So, until date of independence, date is not available Iqbal sacrifices should be the rule of Muslim nation but now a part of this nation is Sarabkov to fulfill the impossible impossible agenda divided into occupied Kashmir. Now, if they consider the duty of their duty till the world only leaves falsehood statements and grief, if they leave India's mercy and mercy, then it is a matter of infidelity and blood deviation from humans. The Hurriyatists of the occupied Kashmir are now no longer merciless like the Muslim Ummah during dividing Kashmir. The people of this valley have the patronage of Pakistan and should be the seventh nuclear power of the world. Despite Pakistan, if the Indian government is continuing its practice on the hurriyatists with its military foes, it is Pakistan's duty to stop the enemy's hands with full courage and bravery. In such a way the organization will be expected to be a member of the United Nations. Due to this unfaithful and ignorant people, people of occupied Kashmir are depriving of freedom. The freedom movement of the people of the occupied Kashmir is to complete the agenda of the subcontinent, which is certainly a war of Pakistan.