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Government and opposition role in democratic system

By claiming various types of legitimate allegations of arbitrary power over the countries of the world's democratic and semi-democratic system, criticism of the target is to be a whisper of opposition. The opposition does not have to hand over the problems of regional or federal governance, including government policies, and there is no chance to make a warrant against the members of the government.

01/Government-and-opposition-role-in-democratic-system-300x178.png" alt="" width="737" height="437" /> Democracy-like opposition names such politics as a discipline, and it is a pleasure to democracy. When opposition from various opposition allegations on the Arbab government, the obvious meaning is to investigate such allegations in a transparent and transparent manner, and punish those involved in the allegations, such as any such The option of research or investigation is not in the opposition, so opposition protests continue to be repeatedly protesting on the problems of government deficiencies, deficiencies and government actions and practices. The obvious fact is that the opposition work in the democratic system is to criticize the arrogance of arbitrary power and criticize the problems and the government's task is to reassure the fact that their good governance is the truth of the claims of governance. That's the beauty and needs of the democratic system. It is not possible to deny the fact that the gravity of terrorism and terrorism faced by Pakistan has not only restricted obstacles in the country's path of democracy, but corruption has started the development of a common man 'endangerment and poverty eradication. Pakistan and its leadership are entitled to the tribute, as far as the country is concerned about the success of the country and the country with the worst perception of terrorism. Of course, in this context, during the period of "Zubair-e-Azb" launched by the Pakistani government to reduce the fortune of terrorism, a number of people who were still guarded by the number of jawans and officers, including a large number of people, also proclaimed Jamshah The series is ongoing. Although Escar is also the reservations of the action plan set up for Pakistan's Zubair-e-Asb, but protectors are active in protecting the country and the people from terrorism, as a guardian. As far as the country is concerned about the eradication of corruption, the military leadership has repeatedly reiterated that in the open words, it is important to eliminate terrorism, crime and corruption. It means that corruption and corruption in the field of crime are displayed. In this context, militancy groups mention terrorists' activities. But, instead of such facilities, regards the corruption of the country and the public regarding corruption, continuous and repatriating from the language of opposition leaders, referring to the immigrant people. Some opposition leaders of the opposition are not tired of making financial corruption on the members of the house and their slave circulars, and in this regard the demand for accountability involved in corruption is also being heard by the opposition. But in our country, this strange type of case is being heard and the opposition is calling for the accountability of the Arbab government, in terms of corruption and allegations of corruption on their allegations. And this work, however, is part of Arbab Solution and belief. If people involved in such corruption and corrupt and illegal acts in the country are in regular knowledge of the government, the Arbab government is the first duty of the government to take action against those corrupt elements and illegal workers, Mask The government does not have the fact that in the answers to the allegations of opposition, it is an excuse that you are suffering from corruption, as recently stated in its statement by the head of the Punjab government, that the head of accountability From the feet to the feet, they are drowned in corruption, their right-hand is those who forgive billions of rupees rupees and leave the narrative stories. " The fact is that in opposition to opposition opposition, accused of opponents of opposition parties to be sinked or harassed illegally occupy their lands, indicating the government's negligence and criminal negligence over their duties. If corrupt elements are corrupted in the knowledge of government. The government has regular knowledge of the occupied occupation of the area. So why do they feel like hijab while standing in the court of accountability, taking action against all such elements? The Chief Executive of the province has talked about the loss of corruption till the feet of those who demanded accountability in two words. So, not to take legal action without delay for such corrupt elements, to give such opportunity to felicitate people. The answer to the rare criticism of the opposition leaders of the Urabab government is better than no one can be that the right left of such politicians The elderly people should be exposed to the masses for illegally occupying the billions of billions of debtors and lands. The government's task is to bring the corrupt, corrupt and poorly qualified workers of the law to the law. The only thing that is to account for these elements is to fulfill the duty of the government. For this work, opposition is sufficient in the democratic system. Because of this, the purpose of identifying this opposition is not only criticizing corruption in government circles and legal action against such elements on the other hand. Otherwise This impression will not be late to establish that the government is avoided legal action against the elements covered up to top feet in opposition corruption, due to specific disputes. Because of the democratic system, it is only that the opposition policies of the opposition government address the 'Arbabis' governance and the corruption of the Arbab government, and it is good for the reform of defects and deficiencies, as indicated by the government's opposition. Responding to the criticism of the opposition, the answer is that people of opposition are also corrupt. Captures belong to mafia and they have also forgiven the billions of billions of rupees, a non-logical illegal and democratic manner of governance.