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Pak Army knowledge of peace

Tensions between Pakistan and India have escalated after the Paloma incident, but in the whole situation, there is a praiseworthy response from our government, the military and the public to positive anti-Semitism, and a common Pakistani citizen, from the Prime Minister to the peacemaker, is most eager to see peace. It is a sign that they themselves are peaceful and should also develop friendly relations with their neighbors.

Because of the presence of external threats, no country can pave the way for development. From the beginning of Pakistan till today, Pakistan has not aggressively dealt with any country but since the partition of our common country, today, no evil is going to go unnoticed. The flames have somehow become secondary to the title.

The socialism of the mainland and its daily development do not fit in with it, and it is particularly intensified in the era of elections. If we look at the history of India’s tampering with Pakistan and its aggression in the mirror of history, India’s war with India in the intoxication of power in 1962. Beginning with the humiliation that India faced after the devastation, India in 1965 raided the disputed territory of Pakistan and raided some of the disputed areas of Pakistan, which, in fact, led to a coup against Congress in the general election against Congress. So, in the darkness of September 6, 1965, he was attacked by the Lahore City Highway, Kasur, and Barki all at once, but the Pak army’s shields bruised the enemy under Major Aziz Bhatti’s martyr’s command.

In this battle, Shaheen Air Force honored the Pak Air Force with its professional abilities, targeting its Indian airports in present-day jurisdiction at Hukrapakhankot, Adampur, Halwara, Jodhpur, Jammu, Srinagar and Jamnagar. The squadron MM Alam blew up five Indian fighter jets into the artificial turf of the Indian capital and landed on a spectacular victory.

Similarly, Pakistan’s involvement in the Pak-India war of 1971 was also an immoral plan in India, in which it harmed our integrity and self-denial force against Makari by using the Makaris against Pakistan, and after this the Pakistani nationals on the Line of Control. On the recent infiltration of India and repeated violations of the Pakistani airspace, the Pak Air Force landed on the Indian Doldraka aircraft, which resulted in the deaths of two pilots and a passenger.

Throughout the strike, Pakistan has been very careful following the instructions of its soldiers, and in its defense has been able to defeat the enemy with a decisive defeat. After this incident, the spokesman of the Pakistan Army said in its statement that we were not celebrating any victory over it. We have not fought a war but we have done all this in our defense but we want to convey to India that the forces of Pakistan are alert and alert to the movement of the enemy.

Speaking to the spokesman of the Pakistan Army, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, while addressing the nation after the meeting of the National Command Authority, invited India to negotiate with the people which is a wish for peace in Pakistan.

Pakistan is at risk on the Indo-Oberuni borders, most of which are from India. In this game, its role is as a wolf but Pakistani nation forces stand beside Pakistan and almighty Pakistan Army is the best army in the world with its military prowess. India’s sleep has been forbidden since the day Pakistan became a nuclear power and it wants to somehow destroy its credibility in the international world, but Pakistan is willing to compromise and its problems with Pakistan and the United Nations on other international platforms. Raised on infiltration control.

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