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The madness of the rulers in the unfortunate masses

The leader of the great Vladimir Lenin Russia revolution said that the first truth is killed in war and war environments. The name of running war politics in another way is the absurd dance of economic and physical massacres of the working masses of national chauvinism. War is a terrible process. But it is frighteningly profitable for investors and the ruling class.

Today, the twenty-first century is about to end two decades, but the great Lenin will say that these words, like the righteous one morning, will make the generation of this capitalist system a productive product of a cruel and seemingly endless oppression. On the one hand, where the whole world is going through a deepening crisis in the capitalist system, the concentration of wealth is expanding in a few hands, and the poverty and wealth gap is widening. There are suggestions that fillings do not take place with this global market over production crisis when multinationals profit margin Profitability is not possible by returning the labor of labor, so they are not only sabotaging the workers, subordinates all over the world through wars, civil wars, but if this series continues for a long time, then this planet in the doldrums Will take you to the brink of destruction.

Just as the United States, China, Europe, Central Asia today suffer from severe internal, external conflicts overthrown by the historical asymmetry of the capitalist system, especially in Central Asia, the so-called stable states of today are wars, civil wars. The humanity ascending through the breeze of humanity.

In the same subcontinent, two nuclear powers, such as Pakistan and India, were formed as a result of a bloody partition, whose rulers from the beginning continued to play a terrifying role for the people here because of their disloyalty and incompetence. She’s stepping into today’s repeating states, framing human sentiment in the form of a fierce internal and external conflict that ruled as usual to end repression on the people living in a state of subjugation. Then using different tactics, these two states are nuclear states but Dr. With a population of over one billion people, these states probably have their share on the planet in terms of poverty.

On this planet of half a billion, 42% of the world’s population is living in poverty on the one hand with the rise of war madness and national chauvinism, their new propaganda is being bounced on the mainstream media and the media is also capitalizing. In this clutches the blood of the poor, the working people, the subordinates is present to shed their hands. In the bloody partition, British imperialism divided its power and leverage, and under the rule of formula, the problem of Kashmir left untouched, Kashmir on the one hand, became a lucrative weapon for the imperialists in the form of customers of war equipment.

But for the Brahmin rulers in these states, the blood and fire business is proving to be an endless honey from a jungle tree, with shields ruling the two sides as warriors disguise for the human race. Pakistan is treating people worse than poisoning: Pune according to last year’s census With a population of 21 million, it is a country dominated by today and in the past, or democracy continued to exploit the people of this country by every single ruler and at that time 60% of Pakistan’s total population is young people. According to the statistics, the number of unemployed people is 6 to 7 percent while in fact the unemployment rate in Pakistan has exceeded 50 percent.

With a population of skilled and unskilled youth educated in Pakistan at that time in the labor market every year, around 2 million young people are ready to sell their labor, but in this country’s economy, from Pune to Dhulk 2 million every year. Jobs have not been able to create jobs in government and private entities, and their business-oriented figures seem to be more jarring when, under a government directive, the salary of a working worker is set at least fifteen thousand monthly. Electricity bills and other utility bills pay off in thousands to twenty thousand homes By the way, there is no employment for the working class, no less than the dark ones, just as there is no area of ​​life that is not currently victimized.

In Pakistan today, 50% of children are deprived of mental and physical well-being, 60% suffer from food insecurity, 90% of the population of major cities like Karachi are drinking poor and polluted water. The overwhelming majority of the population lives during hepatitis, malaria, TB and other poverty diseases.% 62 blood pressure and% 41 diabetes patients are unaware of their disease. % 77 to% 80 treatment is non-psychedelic, which is practiced by top doctors, semi-rulers and peers. The private sector is currently Pakistan’s third most profitable business after drugs and terrorism.
Pakistan is probably the only country in the world with a 2.5% reduction in the official rate of literacy in the last 5 years and government literacy statistics.

In this country, it is the bloodiest who write its name, the extremity of the class system. On the one hand, the increase in fees for the students and on the other hand the increased workload has made the pursuit of education a constant punishment.

The ban on class division and student politics leaves working-class and middle-class students feeling deprived and duplicitous. More than 62% of the children in this class system are deprived of education and budgetary due to less education. After the treatment, the education sector is also becoming a lucrative business.

Gas power loosened shedding has become a constant torment for the people in this state. These are crises that are on the rise. The only plan in this newly formed government’s plans, such as increasing electricity and gas supplies, is to raise prices. Continuing to increase and even with the previous governments doing the exact same work within a few months, one drop of blood is taken out of the body of the people. The change in the price of gas by the government in a few months is a matter of deep concern and trauma. in.

A few days ago, gas prices were increased by 143 per cent, which home users who used to pay 3,000 gas bills in the winter, will now have their bills in the hands of 30,000 when people see the bills. If so, then the Prime Minister has issued an order to conduct the inquiry and the investigation said that due to the departmental error, ten to fifteen percent of consumers were given extra bills but this is a white lie. Instead of the departmental mistake, the price of gas will be raised. When anger was seen, a decree was issued to reduce the bill when gas prices, on the other hand, were created by major industrialists. The billholders will be forgiven for the billions of rupees two hundred billion, which was also burdened on the people.

Similarly, electricity bills have gone up and petrol prices which have gone down all over the world, but all petroleum products have increased here and there will be huge tax on electronics products along with food prices. And the people of Pakistan are living an impoverished life under the tax and inflation they pay the imperial loan and the debt is something that has never been allocated to the welfare of the people here. Rulers have to kneel in front of an exploitative institution like MF, which is also a luxury of the rulers. The name of the defense, along with them, is microscopic.

At present, the central bank reports that under pressure from low revenue collection, the government is borrowing more to cover its rising domestic expenditure while the rising current account deficit has forced the government to fill the outer space. In the five months of fiscal year 2019, the total deficit of the government has increased by 22 trillion 40 billion or 10.2 percent, to 264 trillion 52 billion rupees.

During the same period, the government’s domestic deficit increased from Rs 907 billion to Rs 173 trillion 23 billion, while foreign deficit also saw a huge increase and external debt increased from Rs 13 trillion to 34 billion to 91 trillion.

Another reason for the spiraling rise in external debt is the rise of the dollar by 15% against the rupee, as the dollar at the end of June was Rs 121 at Rs 54 a barrel, which rose to more than Rs 140 by 26 paise. Continuous falling inflation is also not possible due to constant hiding of the note by the government to increase its internal debt mainly through short-term debt by relying on treasury bills and short in the first 5 months of fiscal year 2019. Term loan increased from 11 trillion 68 billion rupees to 100 trillion 57 billion rupees.

The ruler of this country has plans to run the country’s economy by begging for loans from the Arab countries and messing with the IMF. The country is in bankruptcy, so the people will continue to cry as the economy of the country and Pakistan. The political social situation is not very likely for foreign investors. Recently, the Saudi prince announced a $ 20 billion investment, but it is said of the Saudi prince that he has been in some countries in that period. Made announcements and promises, but did not invest in completing 10% of the projects as promised. And if such projects are considered by the prince, even if the prince does, it may take a decade before the work begins and even if the imperialists make the investment, their ultimate goal is to rob the workers here.

This investment is likely to cost the public again and as such people are being burned in the pre-Afghan war to this day, it is possible that this is just a joke on the face of an independent state that the Saudi prince stands in Pakistan. On the other hand, the Modi government, which is shouting slogans of secular India Shiying India, on the other hand, India’s situation is no different I’ve got 80 million people a letter of commitment blurred Vikas people forced to live below the poverty line, which was on clay and won the full support of the view that war hysteria and religious extremists in Pakistan.

In this growing insecurity lawlessness, the imposition of a public debt to curb class aggression to stop the public movement to tackle these internal contradictions has cost the imperial and tax payers a huge debt. For these people to be impoverished, the poor people will have to create a game of enmity on the brotherhood of the spirit of nationalism and in their emotions To bear the brunt of the economic collapse of the above, to fulfill the imperialist objectives, to open the door to the consumption of weapons in the war industry, to create fearlessness and despair among the people, to destroy the settlements of the poor. The infrastructure will have to be destroyed where the capitalists can reinvest. I have to collect charity in the name of Sisi’s and blood-stained images shown on traditional media social media. This is not a spectacle created today. Which is also mourning the final product of the capitalist system and it mourns Hly is imposed on the people here over the years.

In this war madness, the hate of the common man and the threats of war games are a reflection of the decline of human relationships and culture of this system circulating on social media and it is similar to the mourning of the fallen man, but the hostility, prejudice, hatred also live on. Injuries indicate to society but these prejudices, hatreds, enmities are not human beings, they are not human slogans, they are hostile, prejudices, sectarianism, nationalism are false and they make a vicious society system unbearable. It will force the labor of the subcontinent, the poor, the young, the deprived of all these, in the struggle which will no longer The war will be dissolved in the drama of the war, and class struggle will be established in the field of history and a human society will be established where there will be real peace rather than war.

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