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The need for civil defense training time is critical!

Pakistan has been in a state of war since its inception. Floods, natural disasters, earthquakes, road accidents, fire in factories etc. We are living in the shadow of terrorism. Apart from this, India continues to make war threats every day. It has also been given full response by Pakistan and people all over the country have said that we are with the Pak army. The enemies stand and the enemy is ready to fight the country.

Forces Pakistan is our protector, the public should understand well that in the period we are living in, it is not the responsibility of the Pakistan Army to defend itself. It is also our responsibility.

For this, it is the duty of every citizen to undergo defense training. It is important that training is done in peacetime. Death and slavery are the destiny. It is the responsibility of the government to prepare its people at all times. For this reason, the government is working to organize civil defense.

A civil defense trained volunteer is set on fire in a factory factory or house, in the event of a person being knocked unconscious, submerged in water, if someone cuts off a snake or dog So, by saving the lives of others, they get the pleasure of Allah.

When George St. Paul died in 1937, the organization was renamed the “International Organization for Protection of Civilian Population and Historic Buildings”. In 1958 it was renamed the “International Civil Defense Organization”. That is, the International Organization for Civil Defense. The Constitution of this organization was enacted on March 1, 1972, and for that reason, every year on March 1, International Day is celebrated as civil defense.

In the civil defense category, volunteers are trained in such a manner as to cause minimal damage to public life and property in the event of an invasion of a foreign country. Floods, storms, sudden fire and Delivering timely medical help in the event of accidents. This includes all actions that are natural or human-caused.

Eg earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, droughts, air strikes, explosions, fires, terrorism, accidents etc.
In Pakistan, the organization “International Civil Defense Organization” was established in 1951, then training institutions were established in all the provinces of Pakistan. National and some international level training institutions are established in all the provinces of Pakistan. For example, the courses being conducted in these training institutes in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad and Muzaffarabad, etc., also aim to raise the awareness of civil defense in the public and also volunteer.
There is no fee for these courses and the admission process is very easy. Today in our country, terrorism has also engulfed holy places like schools and colleges, madrassas, mosques. In these situations, everyone should join the organization’s civil defense.

We do not know much about first aid. What to do immediately if there is a fire? How to get first aid in the event of injuries in an accident? Because we were not taught nor did we try to learn. Pakistan was established for the implementation of Islam. It was necessary for our scholars to tell the people, but still it is not Islamic to receive training for defense. Rather, it is essential in Islam.

Hundreds of verses can be exemplified from this Qur’an and its beauty. I would like to say a few basic things. He said, “O Messenger of Allah! Do our children also have rights over us as they have rights to us?” He said, “Yes, it is the right of the children to teach them swimming, archery and writing. For (only) purified (ie halal) inheritance will be left in the inheritance.

The first initiation of civil defense was said by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). There were financial, even physical and spiritual, all these forms of civil defense. Therefore, it is Sunnah to receive civil defense training. But there is no regular system of training and use for civilians in our country, in which the public should be told that civil defense means protection against accidents and what to do in case of an emergency. Legal, not non-Islamic, but purely Sharia, legal, constitutional and defense is also a requirement of Pakistan.

Every citizen is trained, this will spread peace and security in the country. Because civil defense training is very important not only for the emergencies of war during the war but also in the peace of the world, it is very important for fire factories and factories. Gas cylinders burst, fire, accidents, any injuries, any kind of accident occurring in factories or homes on all sorts of civil defense training in factories or homes. Many valuable lives are saved from waste. For this purpose, the government must make it mandatory for every citizen to receive civil defense training.

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