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Wedding Rituals or Spam Splits?

Thanks to social deterioration in the world, psychological diseases are also increasing with innovation. It is due to the human race itself. As always, inflation is receding in Pakistan. We believe that state institutions are guilty. Are wise. We, too, have raised many concerns in the guise of the customs and duties of society. And the trend continues throughout the climate.

We are well aware of the extravagance of marriage, the extravagance of marriage. Marriage is a natural process. It is found in every religion. According to the Islamic point of view, marriage prevents evil. This is why the happiness of the family members is astonishing on this occasion. Islam does not stop with joy on such occasions.

We, like many other rituals, cross over into wedding ceremonies. To us, the process starts with engagement. The ritual of mangi is played in the event of a relationship. There are millions of jewelry and Expensive costumes are gifted. Different types of dishes and drinks attract guests. We can also call this a wedding ceremony.

Because of the sheer amount of money spent on such ceremonies, more than one middle-class wedding is possible. We have also made people suffer from pain from marriage to marriage. In the meantime, precious gifts are exchanged at different festivals. Is.

In the henna rituals, millions of rupees are spent in decorating the ‘stage’. The most expensive costumes are worn. Different types of expensive dishes are decorated with the guests. The fireworks are arranged. Wine and shapes and dance and server concerts are arranged. Special guests are attracted by special currencies at such attractive concerts.

On the day of the marriage, the rupees and other currencies are performed throughout the climate. The fire is done. Thousands of guests are seduced by the thousands of guests from gym goats, goats, fish and other expensive dishes. The bride is blessed with expensive motor car, jewelry and other gifts just for fear that the girl-in-law will not bow to her.

The boys show their full glory to Vilma. In the guise of these celebrations, about 25 to 30 percent of the food is wasted. It is publicized for several days. Regular ringworm is also received. Is.

This unrelenting stream of wealth has kept society in check. Many middle-class people are seeing this wrong tradition of society.

They are compelled to do so even though they do not want to. People’s lives are looking like this false glory. The ‘community and Anna’ are taking people by the hand. The accumulated ponies of life are proving to be insufficient for child marriages. Marriages are being made by borrowing on interest. Is burning in flames.

Which is causing hatred and psychological illnesses in society. Many marriages are stopped because of these nasty expenses, false ego, and rituals. Girls and boys are growing weary. Evil is born. Have been We must celebrate, but be careful not to overdo it. The middle class should be able to stretch their legs by looking at their sheets.

Children should be well trained. Instead of outward jewelry, they should be equipped with education and training ornaments. Instead of money, they should consider distributing property.

The previous governments did not take any action for you. That will create a balance in the society and reduce the problems of the people.

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