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For the first time in history Pak-India war exercises

Earlier, both Pakistan and India used to fight devastating wars in their Lashkar-e-Plane but it is surprising that both the countries will now practice it before the war and the opportunity of these exercises will be provided by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In the last week of April, defense ministers of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held a meeting in China.

For the first time in history Pak-India war exercises

The ministers of India and Pakistan attended the meeting for the first time after receiving the membership of the Defense Organization and announced to participate in joint military exercises called Peace 2018. For the first time in history it is happening that fire and water are going to meet them. The exercises are aimed at eliminating terrorists, neutralizing terrorism and preparing for war, as well as preventing possible attacks.

All member countries including Pakistan, Russia and China will be part of these exercises. The Ural Mountains begin from Kazakhstan and terminate on the northern part of the Mediterranean, a 2500 km long border that forms the border between Asia and Europe. These exercises are administered every two years. Peace Mission 2018 will be the fifth edition of these exercises. According to Indian Defense Minister Narmala Sita Raman, 200 Indian troops will take part in these exercises.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was established in 2001 by Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. It is a Eurovision organization. The number of member countries has now increased to eight with the amalgamation of Pakistan and India. It is currently comprised of four commentators and six dialogue countries, including Russia. This was the first meeting of defense ministers after the expansion of the SCO in 2017, in which the Pakistani delegation was led by Defense Minister Khurram Dastagir.

For the first time in history Pak-India war exercises

Addressing the meeting, he said that the presence of ISIS, including insurgency and unrest in Afghanistan, is insecure for neighbors and across the region. The challenges that the region faces at present are violence, extremism, poverty, water management. , Refugee problem, human trafficking and border control, plus Pakistan has eliminated terrorism from its land at the cost of the blood sacrifice of its citizens and soldiers and has raised more than $ 120 billion in this war on terror. Has suffered.

The SCO has good relations with all countries except India, and its friendship with China has become a tad more sweet than honey, deeper than the sea and higher than the Himalayas. Pakistan has always supported China’s principle stance on Taiwan, Tibet and other issues. Similarly, China openly supported Pakistan on Kashmir and issued separate visas for Kashmir instead of Indian passports.

China has strong cooperation with Pakistan in defense sector; Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Heavy Industries Taxila, Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Pakistan Navy’s Defense Plans and Missile Factories are also being run in cooperation with China.

For the first time in history Pak-India war exercises

Russia is the second country of the SCO, forgetting the bitterness of the past and has renewed a new covenant of friendship with the two countries. China has played an important role in melting snow in the two countries with negative freezing. In 2014, Pakistan and Russia signed a bilateral cooperation agreement, and friendship 2016, war exercises were also the result of that agreement. General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s recent visit to Russia also brought warmth to the friendship of the two countries.

The world is currently witnessing a new blockade in Russia, China and Pakistan, with two main reasons: one accessing the hot waters of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea and the other via Russia’s Central Asia via Afghanistan’s Wakhan border. Is. In addition, if Gyros is linked to the Economic Corridor, it is possible for Pakistan to have direct access to Central Asian countries and Russian markets.

In the event that US military aid is withheld from the United States on a day or military trade agreements are suspended, Russia may be used as a substitute for Western technology in this case. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s peace 2018 military exercises are primarily aimed at clearing the region from terrorists, but India is too self-sufficient to export terrorism to neighboring countries.

For the first time in history Pak-India war exercises

It has established a terrorist network in Chahar Bihar, the port of Afghanistan and Iran, where ISIS, TTP and Baloch separatists are raised. Abducted terrorism has also become a term within India. Hemant Karkare, while proving his duty to marry, arrested the absconding terrorists like Colonel Parhut and Asemanand, while serving milk and milk.

The fugitive terrorists were involved in the blasts in Hyderabad’s Mecca Mosque, Ajmer’s Dargah Malegaon and the Samjhauta Express. The accused admitted in his affidavit that all actions were taken to avenge the Muslims. Despite all the evidences and confessional statements against abducted terrorists, the way they are getting high is clear evidence that double standards are being adopted with those involved in terrorist acts in the country.

Kirsten Jeffrey Laut, a member of a Paris investigation agency, has published a report on abducted terrorism, which has also been published by the Indian Express. This research document states that what was revealed after the Mali village incident is not new, but the history of Hindu terrorism is at least 100 years old. By establishing a regular military school The bombing, artillery training system for the youth is very old.

For the first time in history Pak-India war exercises

India, on the one hand, claims to be the world’s largest republic and on the other hand it is the largest state terrorist involved in Kashmir. There is one person in India in the form of Prime Minister Modi who has been declared a terrorist by the whole world. He burned a whole train of Muslims as Gujarat’s chief minister and made three thousand Muslims coal, on which Europe and the United States canceled his visa, but India made him its prime minister. Opened the pool and proved that the prime minister of a terrorist country can only be a great terrorist.

India maintains control over Kashmir for over seventy years UNO contractors have been rubbing their feet with them. Kashmiri Muslims are gaining their freedom. India has imposed eight million troops on the heads of Kashmir to crush their legitimate freedom movement. They are being punctured by pellet guns. Is.

Indian army and the runaway terrorists have also made rape a weapon of terror. Everyone who has a heartbeat can hear the story of Asifa, who inhabits the wild beasts of the human population. The United Nations does not stand a chance to declare Pakistani leaders and welfare organizations as terrorists, and India’s naked and open terrorism closes the eyes of the global organization, and Asemanand’s resignation after a few hours of self-doubt.

For the first time in history Pak-India war exercises

Obviously, when politics and bullying are common in the name of religion, people are being abused in the name of caste, there are restrictions on writing and speaking, tricolor or brutal attacks are being carried out for the criminals. For the courts to be surrounded and the abducted flag being hoisted, how is it possible that a special look will be left to save this and the worried extremists?

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