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He can become Kala Bagh Dam today if he wants

Engineer Z Forum Pakistan Central Leader Engineer Mumtaz Ahmed Khan has said that the key of Kala Bagh Dam is with the Peoples Paati. He can become Kala Bagh Dam today if he wants. India started construction of Ajkat on Kishan Ganga Power in 2007. The rulers of the time raised the matter for the first time three years later in 2010 at the International Court of Arbitration, on which the court stayed the construction of the Ajakt by a stay order for three years.

In the meantime, the Indus Water Commissioner Wadigar authorities had the responsibility to inform the court about the damage to the Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project of Pakistan in the future, but they did not do so and in December 2013, the court directed India to auction the river Neelum. After the court’s decision, India resumed work on the Aztec, which our rulers will go back to in 2016 and this case again, after allowing the court to divert water to only 9 cubic meters per second. Taken to the World Bank but the request states that India and Pakistan have mutual agreement on the issue. S of the PPP and the PML-N ha have been diminishing crime negligence on such an important issue to realize these solutions was during a press conference at the press club at Multan.

Engineer Mumtaz Ahmad Khan added that our apparent failure in the Bagheriam case earlier and now the failure of the Kushan Gangapar Ajct also reinforces the notion that the people of the Indus Water Commission and the Ministry of Water and Power are the most important positions. They are not playing the role of an agent of India. They are not on their paylist. This is a serious matter which is directly related to Pakistan’s water resources and power generation.

Responding to a question from the concerned authorities, the Commissioner of Water and Power said that Kalabagh The construction of the dam will not only give Sindh more share but also the other provinces will share as well as other dams should be constructed immediately so that no serious problem of water will be encountered in the future as Ayub Khan has built three rivers in the past. Given the fate of Pakistan and the entire nation today.

Similarly, Pervez Musharraf also gave two members in Sindh as one of the federal representatives in Sindh to appease Sindh at Kalabagh Dam and the general impression in Sindh is that the construction of Kalabagh Dam caused water crisis in Sindh. As the problem arises, however, it will not happen, but they will get 37% of the share of the water. On the issue of construction of Kalabagh Dam, I am ready to make fun of all the patriots and join hands and say that they are coming. Protect species from water crisis

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