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The 18th Shanghai Operations Organization Summit Conference

The 18th Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Member States in China begins with a spirit of further progress in implementing its guiding principle, “Shanghai Spurt” and the prospects of joint prosperity between the member states. Heads of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, including leaders from Russia and China, are attending the summit.

The 18th Shanghai Operations Organization Summit Conference

The summit at the Eastern Seaport and Tourist Destination Qingdao in Shandong Province, June 9 and 10, will be discussed to promote cooperation in the political and economic sectors, promote regional security and stability. The SCO was founded almost 17 years ago in China with the primary purpose of dealing with regional security issues.

As a result of this successful effort of the People’s Republic of China, currently its eight member countries, as well as its observer countries, including Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, and Mongolia as dialogue partners, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Nepal, Turkey and Surrey. Lanka is also joining In today’s world where changes are taking place and uncertainties are escalating, member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have increasingly realized the need for organization-led principles, known as “Shanghai spirits”.

In addition to the summit in the member states of the organization, ministers and several other level meetings are held at different times. At a meeting of the Foreign Ministers Group of SCO Member States last April, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed.

It is clear that Member States are sincere in their genuine aspirations to utilize all possible capabilities of the Organization for all kinds of cooperation under Shanghai Spurt. Pakistan and India back the organization at the 2017 Summit in Astana Kazakhstan. Time has been fully subscribed. The SCO has strongly welcomed India and Pakistan as its newest members after receiving full membership from Observer to the next level.

The 18th Shanghai Operations Organization Summit Conference

With eight regular members, four observer countries and six negotiating partners, the organization now covers more than 60% of the EU’s territory, nearly half of the world’s population and more than 20% of global GDP.

President Xi Jinping said that China, to support each other politically, to maintain regional security and stability, to gradually establish regional economic cooperation institutions and to enhance people-to-people interaction and cultural cooperation. Ready to work with Member States.

During the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, China State Council Member and Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed on the Shanghai Spurt, adding that the SCO could help boost mutual trust and stability among member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. They have called the upcoming summit an opportunity to review Shanghai spirits, promote solidarity, mutual trust and cooperation, and promote the community together for a shared future.

Anatoly Klymenko, a geopolitics expert at the Forte Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, said that “the need for multi-dimensional solutions is very clear” in setting global issues.

Experts suggest that certain decisions would have devised viable ways of working in different fields, including politics, economy, defense and human rights issues, said Akyung Xi for setting up a regional economic cooperation institute within the SCO. Are.

“Initially, SCOs were considered the club’s go-to for discussing certain issues.” He added that the concept was given by Kurosi and Chinese scholars together with a “scientific nudge,” for which he focused on reorganizing the SCO to finalize and implement its decisions. Can be done. ”
A sense of security and stability

The 18th Shanghai Operations Organization Summit Conference

Although the components of cooperation in the SCO promote economic co-operation and promote cooperation among ordinary citizens of member states, solving regional security issues and enhancing defense cooperation are also an important pillar of the security mission. Is.

But since its inception, the SCO has given priority to regional security and stability, and its organization is developing more potential for development and security cooperation. In the meantime, the SCO will carry more responsibilities and will meet the expectations of people in our region as well as people around the world.

Chinese President Xi Jinping told senior security officials of the SCO member states in Beijing last Tuesday that “three destructive forces” of terrorism, extremism, separatist trends, drug trafficking and organized crimes between countries. There are dangers posed by the world that must be responded to accurately and appropriately without being overwhelmed by the most present.

Between 2013 and 2017, member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have jointly thwarted more than 600 terrorist acts of terrorism, destroying more than 500 militant training bases, said Yevgeniy Sysoev, director of the Anti-Terrorism Committee. , Ben 2,000 members of international terrorist organizations were arrested and 1,000 self-made explosives were seized, including more than 50 tonnes of explosives, over 10,000 guns and 1 million bullets.

The 18th Shanghai Operations Organization Summit Conference

In a detailed interview with Xinhua in early May, Sysoev also stated that SCO member countries closed more than 100,000 websites between 2016 and 2017. The official said the websites were terrorized and More than 4 million information has been published supporting extremism.

With regard to international counter-terrorism, one of the challenges the SCO has to continue is war against Islamic State (IS) militants who, after defeating extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, Have returned to their home countries, some of whom are SCO members or observers.

He added that “on our behalf in Afghanistan, where IS militants are moving from the Middle East and focusing north of the country near the SCO’s borders.” The CO has become observer country.

Klemenko said that several military exercises are being conducted, such as bilateral Pacific mission exercises that are conducted on a multi-dimensional basis within the SCO, “All military personnel are defending themselves in the SCO areas. Is preparing. ”

This process of puberty is moving towards the consensus of all Member States for security solutions that engage in economic cooperation and shared prosperity, which is becoming stronger each year.

To achieve this result, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has become an important potential platform for SCO’s economic dimension. In 2013, China proposed that BRI aim to bring interconnectivity worldwide. Improving global trade links through improvement and infrastructure projects.

The 18th Shanghai Operations Organization Summit Conference

The BRI’s full name is the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, which shows that the framework is a land-based component located on the ancient Silk Road as well as the seafront that includes the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Tends to Two parts of Asia are expected to be combined with the United States, Europe and Africa.

The key implications of strengthening economic cooperation on the BRI are that all parties involved in the organization are located on the Eurasian continent, and projects belonging to the member states of the SCO are of particular importance in the BRI framework.

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