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Crimes Year Nine and Police

With the new commitment of the year 2018 coming into our national life, every department in the country is looking forward to implementing the development aspirations this year. Our police are also pushing for many reforms in the new year. Rawalpindi police are determined to move all the policing needs of the people under one roof to the citizens while the Federal Police is keen on raising the corruption free policing.

Crimes Year Nine and Police

In the new year for the Federal Police, tackling protests and sit-ins remains a major issue and a challenge. In the Faizabad sit-in, the injuries that the Rawalpindi and the Federal Police have inflicted on them are also being felt in 2018. Fixed. IG Islamabad Dr Sultan Azam Timori took emergency steps to set up the Anti-Force force so that it could be brought down to the lowest level by effectively combating any insurgency or turmoil but the force created for Insight was comprised of youths. Instead, most of the chapters have been set up.

In which the physical resilience is not far-fetched, the Inuit force, which IG Islamabad calls itself the Danda Brethren, is actually a symbol of state power. Citizens should also respect the status quo. If you do not have the time to run the bar. But if the matter is not made of the tongue then the rod is run, so the physical flexibility of the force that runs the rod is considered to be of great importance.

Training in this force requires swimming, horseback riding, jogging, judo karate skills and cultural touch is not only a must-see for visitors in the formation of the Inuit Force so that the fear of the force, rather than the action of the rod. Please do. Because if the protesters remove the vehicles and private and public property from the scene in a blink of an eye, then the ability of the force to move forward ten steps forward must be the first priority in dealing with the protesters.

Crimes Year Nine and Police

So if a step is called for the right of an anti-force to stop a protest, and the protesters should know that once the right-wing force has been called, their feet must be shaken once, but if a force arrives, the protesters It does not matter, then it is better to speak up rather than to resort to violence. Because, like in the past, if the right-wing army goes back to eating and drinking, it also hurts the people that their police. Why IG Islamabad fails to make every area of ​​its force look corruption-free and people-friendly. This may account for the success.

The sun of 2017 showed a new scene in Rawalpindi Police in Morgah Officers Colony which was actually a big challenge. The young man hijacked his 23-member family with a pistol and fired at his own uncle and father-in-law. He also opened fire on his two wives, six children, and opened fire on ordinary students. CPO Israr Abbasi, SP Potohar Syed Ali arrived there, DSP Kent Raja Taifor Akhtar was also summoned to the scene. Police commandos and elite force were also summoned. The man spread the fear that every soul shook and he and the police standing outside opened fire on him to dance.

Upon seeing the scene where an elite officer was injured, the CPO ordered tear gas to be fired on the armed man so that the pistol fell from his hand to which the police opened fire and arrested him. He was shifted from the scene to the hospital and the shells and live bullets left in the house were taken by police as a property case and witnesses of the incident also recalled the incident of Alexander Firing in Blue Area Islamabad.

Crimes Year Nine and Police

The failure of controlling the Federal Police at the time of Alexander, the Rawalpindi Police succeeded in overtaking Abdul Rahim of the Morgah. When the police rescued the hostages, the security of the people was protected. There is no sense of police force or any other island force in the country. It is for the protection of the lives and property of the people in every street, neighborhood, market, road, highway, park.

Therefore, his action should also be an example of alertness. In 2018, perhaps the Punjab police should get rid of their changing uniform of last year, which had just downloaded the morale of the force. The facilities are committed to bringing the roof down. These will include facilities like vehicle clearance certificates, missing document reports, driving license renewals, learning chits, obtaining character certificates, domestic violence victims’ ropes, reporting an incident while federal police are exemplary. Take the form of the police they are committed to.

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