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Fear of target killing at smugglers

The customs fraud account of the national exchequer has been threatened with the closure of the customs staff’s targeted killings by a gang of smuggled goods worth billions of rupees in the cover of the “Kerry” office in Dubai and China. Following the fatal incident of a target killing on a Customs Intelligence officer, ‘Customs smuggling cases have been troubled by other smugglers’ fear of increasing the likelihood of targeted killings.

Fear of target killing at smugglers

Investigators are unable to arrest dangerous suspects due to lack of confidence in security, which has led to a tremendous blow to the national exchequer for not smuggling billions of rupees from smugglers.

According to the investigation. Jamshed Iqbal Kamal Subhani, a group of accused smugglers named in 14 customs cases, is importing merchants from different markets in the name of different importers from Kasman overseas.

This group of smugglers, after transporting various customs duty goods from overseas, pass through the containers and trawlers through various ports in Karachi to reach their warehouses before passing through TP to other dry ports including Lahore and Faisalabad. – These warehouses carry original and high cost duty goods with the expertise of containers, and clearing customs dry ports by moving them to specialty low-duty luggage containers is costing the national exchequer billions.

Billions of rupees of foreign goods were also recovered in containers and containers of smugglers in smugglers’ warehouses, but the custody of smugglers has not been possible despite customs cases registered. These smugglers carry containers to warehouses and open containers’ containers to remove high-cost custom items such as real-world electronics, and put them in containers of low-duty goods, and save tax on containers by delivering dry ports.

In this way, the group has been harboring billions of losses to the government of Pakistan by asking for goods in the name of various companies. Mian Yassin, a customs inspector who submitted a revenue report to the national treasury, has been removed from the post instead of assisting in the arrest of smugglers, according to certified reports obtained from sources.

Fear of target killing at smugglers

After which the remaining investigating officers investigating the customs smuggling cases have gone, they have also risked their lives. According to the investigation, during the deployment of Intelligence and Investigation FBR Lahore in 2014, Customs Investigation Officer Mian Muhammad Yaseen placed the order of the officers on August 15, 2014 in a warehouse with the Reading Party, Container No. APHU6944339 and Troll No. P- 8362 and foreign containers worth billions of rupees, including other empty containers and container cutting tools.

Taking possession of the goods which had been converted from the original, the accused registered a case number 18/14 against Customs Act 1969 on October 17, 2014 against the accused, Jamshed Iqbal and others. Meanwhile, with the orders of the officers, the custody of the customs billions from various warehouses. Yasin, accused of investigating the foreign currency rupees and investigating officer of the case, has started threatening serious consequences for Jamshed Iqbal, Sikandar Subhani, Kamal Subhani and others in their favor.

These were the suspects, against whom the investigating officer investigating the case from various markets, banks, had come to the notice of the fact that billions of rupees were lost to the national exchequer through customs fraud. The suspects, after importing traders from different markets in different markets in the name of different importers, passed the TPs from different ports in Karachi and took containers and trailers for hire in the warehouses for hire before arriving at Lahore Faisalabad and other dry ports. After being converted to customs dry ports, the nation got cleared from here Treasures were damaged billions.

Fear of target killing at smugglers

Customs dry ports cases against Jamshed Iqbal and others 01 / 2015,02 / 201 5,05 / 2015/01/2017 Customs Act 1969 under sub-section 2 (s) 16,18,32,32A is also registered. , 7,11,12,13 / 2015 Customs Act 969 Subdivision 2 (s) 16,18,32,32A are listed, another case number 17/2015 Customs Act 1969 under Subsection 2 (s) 16 & 18-156 (1) Customs House in Lahore Anti-Smuggling Cell Also listed. National Treasury is yet to recover from the custody of the accused of damaging billions of rupees; numerous customs smuggling cases and criminal investigations are lodged because investigators are worried, making smugglers impossible.

The smugglers attacked the residence of Mohammad Yasin, a Recovery Officer for the National Treasury, in Federal Colony, Johar Town, Lahore, where the accused targeted the target, Mohammad Yousin’s son Mohammad Mohsin was shot dead. He suffered a death struggle. The investigating officer was safe not to be in the house, but the son of the investigating officer has been disabled from his right hand due to the bullets. Yes, but now the child’s educational future is destroyed due to paralysis.

Mohsen asks whether Abu was being persecuted because he was doing his duty honestly? The FIR of the attack on Mohsen was registered at the police station in Johar Town. Lahore completed the investigation and the accused Kamal Subhani and others After that the accused Jamshed Iqbal changed the investigation, but DSP Civil Division Lahore Danish Asif Ranjana also accused the accused Jamshed Iqbal, Javed Iqbal, Sikandar Subhani, Kamal Subhani and others. Wing was sent to Johar Town Lahore to arrest the accused.

Fear of target killing at smugglers

Investigating officer Yasin followed suit in the court against the accused, whom various courts dismissed the bail of the accused and police arrested the accused Kamal Subhani and recovered the device Zarb-pistol 9mm on case No. 1104/17 at Faisal Town. According to Mian Mohammad Yaseen, a former Customs Investigation Officer in Case No. 18/14, I am the main witness of the case, smugglers Jamshed Iqbal, Javed Iqbal Sikandar and others are trying to kill me.

DSP Asif Danish Ranjha, the current investigator in the case number 1207/15 against smugglers, is fully cooperating, to be arrested completely. On May 24, 2016, Kamal Subhani and others tried to kill me and my family again. Requested the Johar Town Police Station which no action has been taken till date. The lives of me and my children are in danger, I have taken the bribe of smugglers by the bureaucrats to establish the rule of law and the development of the national treasury, but now my life is in serious danger.

Chairman FBR Make sure my security, a bullet shot by smugglers in my son’s shoulder is still stuck, the wrist is useless, doctors have called for outside treatment. Get my son treated. According to the investigation, the accused was arrested on November 15, 2017 by a group of smugglers who were named in Case No. 1207/15, which was granted bail by the court almost two years after accused Kamal Subhani.
The rest of the gang of smugglers Kamal Subhani are Jamshed Iqbal, FIR No. 115/14 police custody against Javed Iqbal is also registered in Vehari District, Sultanpur crime 365/395, Tappa district.

Fear of target killing at smugglers

Smugglers Jamshed Iqbal and Javed Iqbal are advertisements. The group is also named in Customs Case No. 18/14. But the Customs Department has not yet arrested the accused. Here, the question arises as to what has the police and customs done to arrest the entire gang / smugglers? Despite the release of the smugglers Kamal Subhani’s bail from the customs court and the High Court, the customs department has not been able to recover the billions of rupees by arresting customs smugglers, leading to the closure of the national treasury rupees customs fraud account. ؟

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