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Hadibia Paper Mills and Amran Ineligibility Case mixed response

Constitutional legal experts have expressed their views on the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Hadeiba Paper Mills and Imran Khan’s disqualification. Imran Khan, the Jahangir Tareen case and the judgments of the Hadibia Paper Mills case have received mixed reactions from constitutional legal experts. Lahore Bar President Tanvir Chaudhry said the Supreme Court’s decision was constitutional and legal.

Hadibia Paper Mills and Amran Ineligibility Case mixed response

He said that the Supreme Court should make timely decisions because there is Denied Justice. He added that in addition to political cases, the judiciary should handle other cases soon. At present, the burden of political cases on the judiciary is very high. Former Supreme Court Bar Minister Raja Javedakbal said that whatever decision the Supreme Court makes is constitutional.

NAB delayed the appeal, terminated on a technical basis but in the view of the law, it is not considered good to make a technical decision. The Supreme Court should have decided on the merit ‘Did not have to hear on technical grounds. This case was not for martyrdom but for merit. Should have seen what the ground is. NAB didn’t want to appeal already. The NAB appealed the Supreme Court order, but the Supreme Court upheld the appeal made on its order as time-barred.

He said that the Supreme Court did not make good decisions in the eyes of the law. He termed the Supreme Court decision regarding Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen as per law. He said that according to the Supreme Court, Hanif Abbasi is not a victim. In the case of foreign aid, the government becomes a party and the Election Commission should conduct a neutral inquiry. In the case of Imran Khan, he said that Imran Khan has shown his assets and proved the mini-trail.

Hadibia Paper Mills and Amran Ineligibility Case mixed response

The proceedings of Hanif Abbasi are malicious, they have filed the case as a retaliation for the Nawaz Sharif case. Jahangir was disqualified, lying in court and hiding companies. Tareen confessed to his crime and paid a fine of Rs 7 crore on the security exchange. Raja Zulqarnain, former secretary of the Supreme Court, said that it is unfortunate for our country that our judiciary has lost its credibility.

Judges give press briefings, it is not the job of the judges to judge. He said of the Hadibia Papers Mills case that this is not the case. It was completed. It was dropped by a conspiracy and the timebird case was reopened. It was not right to notice and hear the case but the verdict was correct. Regarding the Imran Khan case, he said that it was already public saying that nothing would be said about Imran Khan.

He said that the Supreme Court is involved in political issues. On Jahangir Tareen’s case, he said that he was disqualified properly and Imran Khan should have been made as a decision of the Supreme Court is today. He further said that disqualifying the political people is not the authority of the Supreme Court whether it is Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan or any other political figure.

Hadibia Paper Mills and Amran Ineligibility Case mixed response

Disqualifying Nawaz Sharif was also not the authority of the Supreme Court. This option is only for the public ‘enable or disqualify the people through votes. Senior Advocate High Court Syed Raeesuddin Ahmed has said that the decision of Hadibia Paper Mills is not in the public interest. The decision could have been an example for the future, but the judiciary has acted wisely. This case was not overstated because Chief Justice (retd) Iftikhar Chaudhry gave relief to the Sharif brothers in a similar decision, but today the decision has been completely reversed.

This case should have been reopened, the powerful must also be held accountable. Referring to the case of Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen, he said it was a very appropriate decision. Jahangir used to be the most incompetent and not Imran Khan’s, this decision is absolutely constitutional and above all considerations. Butt Advocate High Court said that the decision of the Hadebia People’s Mills legally is over-extended but that Nawaz Sharif was relieved upon his return from Saudi Arabia was also legally postponed.

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