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People beware The election is near

In the days to come, the people of Pakistan will see many clergy, country, chaudhry and feudal people around you. You will sit with people, mix up. Sit down on the couch with you and make big promises to you. Try to prove yourself as a layman. You will consider your problems and problems as your personal problem and will say good-bye before rising.

People beware The election is near

And this prayer is not considered normal by you, but it is considered an oath to vote for the person in a way that means that deviation is not possible. When this greeting for one person comes from a particular village or community, then it cannot be for anybody else;

Given this mechanism, it is our politicians’ attempt to get their votes cast by speaking to the larger communities as soon as possible. People need to be wary of such people because they are nobody else but the same old people who came to your village, city or street in the same area five years ago and then after the elections you can see their appearance. Were also fed up with.

And if any of the people in the circle tried to contact or meet them, it was found out that Malik Sahib had gone to Islamabad and if he tried to go to Islamabad, I found out that he was meeting the Lahore Chief Minister or the Governor. In the Punjabi, a game in Punjabi is called “Hide Printing” continues and the time of the government comes to a close and the same story starts again.

People beware The election is near

Another thing to note is that after every two to four months, these same people will hide their pictures with the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister on social media and newspapers, and it will be written that the President will present the issues of his constituency to the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister. Unfortunately, our people are unaware of these tricks as politics is another name for hypocrisy in our country, here to serve our elders, Chaudhry and the people of the country.

N A. or M. P. They do not buy AA tickets, but are able to get tickets by investing crores of rupees to build their bank balances and assets and by flaunting party leadership. And then in the name of development fund for the constituency, billions of rupees are received in favor of the commission. Always look carefully at the conduct of these people, how compassionate and sociable they are before the elections and after winning the elections. How come the minds of the Pharaohs who do not even understand human beings, sometimes because of their protocol, the lives of poor people are lost but their ears do not ring till they are forgotten. That the power, the chair is all temporary.

The public needs to beware of people who will organize large gatherings for their party leaders in their constituencies, give money to the youth to participate in the rally, and from their personal money to feed the poor people and The brains will play out, most of all, promise big and false plans for your constituency to your leader.

People beware The election is near

God will not blindly believe in the words of these people or else, for the next five years, then the stumbling blocks will become the destiny of your people. Identify those who will try to make themselves masterpieces of ideological and principled politics every time they join a new political party. How can these people be sincere and speak the truth to the people who have changed their party and who have made billions of rupees minister to them?

One more thing, let the public here believe that there is no need to be happy with the plans announced today or a few months ago – the construction of roads, the supply of electricity, the construction of schools and the inauguration of any new project or the foundation stone. Because it is nothing but a drink. In other words, it is the equivalent of sheer deception, deception and dust in the eyes of the public.

If you are unsure, consider the promises made by the leaders that they had made during the last street rally in the village before the last election. These promises may include the construction of a motorway, construction of a major hospital and medical college, a technical institute, or the promise of giving a city a district status.

People beware The election is near

If any of the false promises mentioned above are fulfilled, then these politicians are true. And if these promises are not fulfilled then it would be wise to vote wisely and wisely to vote for a man who is elected four or five times the MNA and welfare of the people of the constituency. I have never thought of equality or voting for a new leadership and a new party or a newly educated politician.

When voting for the people, it is important to keep in mind how important their vote is because it is through their vote that a politician can become the Prime Minister, Chief Minister or Minister of the country. And if the public rejects a politician, then they can disappear from the scene forever. So do not sacrifice the vote to use just one day of free food, a few bucks or a few days of free carriage given by a politician, but listen to your conscience and make the right decision at the right time. Is in power oh.

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