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Why does the government fail to implement the National Action Plan?

US President Donald Trump yesterday declared Jerusalem a capital city of the Jewish state of Israel, a global explosion not only for the integrity and survival of the Muslim state of Palestine but also for the entire Muslim world. Even more catastrophic than 9/11.

Why does the government fail to implement the National Action Plan?

In response to this, there is no example of the intense protests all over the world other than Muslim countries. The UN Security Council has also taken notice of the global protest over the announcement of the US President, and the OIC immediately called for a meeting of its heads in which Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbas left all his domestic affairs to attend. Have taken

Protests and rallies are taking place across Pakistan throughout the country during which American flags have been set on Mall Road Lahore. In this regard, on Wednesday, December 13, the Pakistan National Forum also held its emergency meeting with the President of the United States. Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel was declared a landmark and destructive blunder against the UN Constitution and the law, which would have very negative effects on world peace.

Apparently even a layman can immediately conclude without delay that this declaration is not a serious attempt by Muslims to solve the serious problems facing Palestine and restore peace in the region, but to make Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state. Announcing from Washington that all UN efforts for peace have been overturned, the region’s peace has been sabotaged, which is a serious violation of UN law.

Why does the government fail to implement the National Action Plan?

Now it remains to be seen how the Arab League member states and the Muslim nations of the OIC make positive and concrete decisions in their recent summit, while the sad, bitter truth is that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. By doing so, the US President has created a new world issue from extreme poverty. Instead of resolving Palestinian issues, the bilateral differences of the Arab countries, but also the lack of political economic trade and defense unity between the countries of the war and the OIC, are at the root of the problems themselves, so Israel or the United States can compete on any issue For the cooperation and solidarity needed in the Islamic world, then when its spirit is missing, why would the opposing forces of Islam make every effort to take advantage of it, the process of which the US President announced about Jerusalem? Is the dream of the centuries-old West.

There was a time when the Islamic empire extended to the east of Vienna and Austria in the east of Europe. So the church’s Jews have been involved in CRUSADE for centuries in an effort to avenge Islam, which continues to this day. The forum unanimously expressed the opinion that the US and Israeli alliance dared to occupy Jerusalem, only because 58 countries of the Muslim world are mutually disturbed and surprisingly Muslim Why do the rulers of the world rely on their unconscious and careless aliens despite their overwhelming power, controlling the planet’s most strategic geographical region.

Why criminal negligence and negligence by focusing on the betterment and development of the people of the Islamic world with billions of billion dollars in science and technology using the right resources given by Allah? Pakistan National Forum praised the emergency summit summit convened by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Some members expressed the desire that as the strongest stronghold of Islam as the population, natural resources and the world’s only Muslim New Clair Power, this summit would have been held in Islamabad and a powerful message would be given to the whole world.

Why does the government fail to implement the National Action Plan?

The flames of war in Jerusalem should not jeopardize the peace of the world if all Muslim countries declare their capital to be transferred from the Western banks to the Islamic world, and likewise all Arab and other Muslim countries will send their ambassadors to the United States. Until the president withdraws his announcement about Jerusalem, his ambassador calls back from Washington I believe that the addition of ambitious measures China and Russia will support the Islamic countries of the Third World.

Regrettably, for reasons not known in detail, it is not necessary to record in detail Pakistan’s internal political, economic, financial, economic and especially in the context of internal and external conspiracies involving terrorism and terrorism. Apart from extremism of all sorts, the lack of corruption and good governance is such a widespread visit that we are not in a position to call an Islamic summit.

The situation here is that all law enforcement agencies, including police and Rangers, come together to make an international cricket match. Seeing Faizabad sit down, the government finally got the help of the army to restore peace. The result is that we have been in a state of war for many years and after passing the National Action Plan of Parliament, 75% of its articles were processed. I am still unsuccessful, including regulating religious madrassas at the private level, which the government could not solve so trivially, thinking how to convene an Islamic summit?

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