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Lahore is no less than any European shipper

The population of Lahore is about one crore and it is increasing day by day, not only from other cities of Punjab but also due to the acts of terrorism, people have migrated from Peshawar to Karachi. The magnificent services of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif cannot be ignored to provide facilities to these millions of people.

Lahore is no less than any European shipper

Chief Minister Punjab is working day and night to provide basic needs of the growing population like health, education, safe drinking water and transport. There is no doubt that the map of the whole city has changed during the 9 years of Shahbaz Sharif’s rule. Flyover underground bridge. Metrobus Services, Speedo and now Orange Line train are bright examples of development.

Free treatment is underway for patients. On the other hand, development projects have added four moons to the beauty of the city. The open playground of the playground, the construction of educational institutions has transformed the old Lahore. Now even the opponents admit that the city of Lahore has reached perfection in unprecedented development under the patronage of the Chief Minister. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif says that Pakistan Muslim League-N development projects are an example of credibility and quality.

“We have set a new example by saving billions of resources in development projects,” he said. In our era, projects are completed with speed and quality. Shahbaz Sharif added that soil has to be mixed with soil to serve the people. The public service is not served by hollow slogans. These negative politics are driven by the spirit of public service.

Undoubtedly, the Punjab government is working on a number of projects in Lahore to provide modern transportation facilities to the people at a cost of billions. The Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop project is an important step in this regard. Completion of this project will increase economic and social activities. After the Metro Bus Speedobus and Orange Line train, cable car system has also been planned and has directed the concerned authorities to prepare a feasibility report for conducting air transport at four different destinations.

Initially, a cable car will be operated from Ammami Colony area of ​​Lahore to Railway Station, Maqbara Jahangir to Greater Iqbal Park and Jaloor to Thokar Niaz Baig. The passengers will now be able to travel in the air with the fastest buses and trains in Lahore. Bus service is also being run in Lahore to promote tourism and tour of the city. Offers a chance to enjoy a walk.

The beautiful landscapes, bridges, roads in the underpasses all testify to the high performance of the Punjab government. Now the days are coming when the Orange Line train will also be live on the streets of Lahore and citizens can benefit from the latest travel facilities like Europe, Japan, China and Germany. A report has also been prepared regarding the Lahore Airport expansion project.

An amount of Rs 77 billion has been earmarked for the renovation and expansion of the airport. One of the biggest achievements of Khadim Uchh is the Safe City project, which has taken concrete steps to make Lahore safe from terror. As a result of this Muharram al-Haram, Ashura also passed away and no untoward incident took place. It is also important to mention the Greater Iqbal Park for providing recreational facilities to the people.

In what is called Lahore Gardens City, the renovation of the Greater Iqbal Park has fascinated the people of Lahore. In the evening, the park is filled with citizens. Apart from the Metro train and the Blue Line project, the Blue Line project is also excellent, which will be one of the revolutionary initiatives taken by the Chief Minister of Punjab in transport. Government members, especially MPAs in Lahore, have also laid the trap of development work in their respective areas and are playing an important role in providing basic facilities to the people at their doorsteps.

Lahore is no less than any European shipper

Zahra, an MPA MP of PP140, has been working day and night to develop the area and solve the problems of people in the constituency. From time to time development works in the circle continue. Renovation of roads, installation of water filtration plants for safe drinking water, installation of new digital tube wells to remove water shortages are important tasks and MPAs are always working to solve the problems of people in the constituency. Be prepared. Without a protocol, anyone can solve their problem. Feelings can be freely received from your MPA.

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