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Who will implement the National Action Plan?

When hundreds of children and teachers were thoroughly washed away by attacking the Army Public School, in the presence of the then Army Chief General Raheel Sharif, the entire domestic political leadership unanimously agreed to oust the country from terrorism and lawlessness. An action plan has been set up which will ensure the complete implementation of terrorism and legitimacy from Pakistan, with full implementation.

Who will implement the National Action Plan?

The part of the National Action Plan, which was the responsibility of Pakistan’s armed forces, was implemented fast and the process is still underway, but unfortunately, the part of the nation which is still waiting for implementation and surprisingly the National Action. Almost two years after the plan was formed, then Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar himself admitted that due to lack of effective communication with civil institutions, the most important issue of the National Action Plan was not implemented at the same time. He also promised that we would ensure full implementation as soon as possible but unfortunately now However, due to the irrelevance of the provincial federal governments, the issues are still three years later and the National Action Plan is waiting for full and immediate implementation.

The PIA ‘Steel Mill’ Railways and PSOs went into huge loss and with the military government, the same big national corporation started to generate billions of rupees. Unfortunately, the National Action Plan was also replaced by the federal government. Or the railway, that’s why the Army Public School meeting on the provincial level election committees is not being held immediately after the tragedy.

Civil and military leadership was seated in the meetings of the APEX committees, and the implementation of the National Action Plan was reviewed till then, as well as the future course of action, I think. With the passing of the military leadership, I realized that federally established governments may not be serious about implementing the National Action Plan.

It is the state responsibility of the federal authorities to implement the National Action Plan, which has failed to be implemented. It is time that the Federal Provincial Governments change their traditional attitude and work together with the military leadership to fully implement the National Action Plan. Make sure that because of the prevailing attitudes and non-interest, the complete elimination of terrorism from Pakistan is not possible, which is why the events of state crime, target killing and terrorism are coming up every day and the common man is engulfed in despair. Is going away because over time it has been revealed that there has been corruption The money is being used in terrorism and the child of the country knows who are the people who promote corruption on the basis of corruption in Pakistan, which is why the implementation of the National Action Plan is very slow.

Implementation of the National Action Plan is possible only for the completion of the country’s development C-pack and the elimination of foreign conspiracies. But full implementation of the National Action Plan will only be possible. Some people have even started talking about martial law in the current situation of the country but to date no general of Punjab has applied martial law, which is why the Army Chief is concerned. Being from Punjab, there is no possibility of martial law.

Who will implement the National Action Plan?

However, if the political leadership continues to have an irrational attitude on the National Action Plan, some steps are possible for the timely completion of the C-pack and the elimination of terrorism. But these steps, I think, will be taken by the Pakistani judiciary this time. When it came to the appointment of Rangers in Sindh at the beginning of the implementation of the National Action Plan, the same leadership of Punjab was strongly opposed to those who did not welcome the powers of the Sindh Rangers, however, on the National Action Plan. Ensuring full implementation is the national responsibility of every patriot and I can only hope that the federal and provincial governments will now make rapid progress in implementing it.

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