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Barcelona’s big terror plan fails

Musa Abu Bakr, the leading suspect in the attack in Barcelona, ​​was killed by police in another attack in Spain. According to police, Musa Abu Bakar was among the five suspects killed in the attack at the Camberwells. Earlier, police said Musa was searching for Abu Bakr and three others.

In addition, four other suspects were also detained. The attack in Barcelona killed 13 people when a van, which is said to have been acquired by Abu Bakar, climbed on pedestrians. According to police, the number of people killed in two attacks in Spain has increased to 14.

The extremist organization, called the Islamic State, has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack. Spanish media reported 18-year-old Musa Abubakar as a suspect. Musa Abu Bakr is the brother of Daris Abu Bakar. Whose papers were allegedly used to rent a van used in the attack. According to police, the five people killed were in the city of Barcelona.

The Spanish Prime Minister called the incident an attack on jihadists. The Prime Minister announced the mourning three days after the attack. According to officials’ statement, the terrorists were planning to carry out another attack. Police say the attackers wore explosives full of explosives. Cattle Emergency Services says seven people, including a police officer, were injured in the second attack on Friday.

One of them is in critical condition. Authorities link the fabric of the attacks to Barcelona and the Campbells to a house in which a man was killed. Police have told people not to go out on the streets while gunshots are heard at the port of Cambrils, according to Spanish media. People were injured.

The attack was exactly the style of the Barcelona attack. Earlier, police arrested two men in the city of Barcelona, ​​but neither of them was the driver of the van. Who escaped from the vehicle on foot. Police are still searching for the attackers, claiming that Dawat-e-Islamiya claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was an operation by its troops. In another incident, police in the outskirts of Barcelona killed a man who tried to board a vehicle, but police say it is unclear whether he was linked to the Barcelona attackers.

Police have also released a photo of the man whose documents say the vehicle used in the Barcelona attack was rented. The attacks have come at a time when tourism in Spain is at its peak, similar to pedestrians being mounted during attacks in Europe from July last year. The Prime Minister of Spain announced a three-day mourn on his visit to Barcelona and said that we have defeated the terrorists from the Alliance.

After the US invasion, Spain has offered its assistance to investigate. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said terrorists around the world should know that the United States and its allies intend to bring them to justice. After the evening incident, tourists and locals took shelter in shops and hotels. This is the latest attack by the organization in Europe after London, Nice, Berlin, Stockholm.

The driver of the vehicle escaped on foot after colliding with a dozen people, the newspaper El Pais said. Steven Triljan, who works in the same area, said people from my office in Laramblas saw the van colliding with pedestrians.

I saw three or four people lying on the ground. He said there were a lot of ambulances and armed policemen there. The 20-year-old resident of Barcelona, ​​Marc Busparcia, told the media there was a loud noise. And everyone ran for safety. There were people from Habitat for many families. This is the most famous place in Barcelona. He said that I think many people collided.

Talking to Sky News, another Sunni witness, Amir Anwar, said he was heading to Laramblas, which was crowded with tourists. Suddenly I heard a car crash and everyone in the place started screaming.
I saw an account that my children were calling. Tourists visiting Barcelona, ​​Spain’s most important political destination, face severe difficulties. The instability of those arriving at the city’s airport will be assessed by posters at the airport.

The Spanish Civil Guard has been invited to take over the situation. However, the situation has not improved. When the black arrives in the city, it is very likely. Whether they want anti-tourism graffiti or posters Come often, it has been written that the demand for tourists has made it difficult for ordinary citizens to pay rent for houses. Similar campaigns are also visible in other areas of Spain. Spain is the third largest market for tourism in the world.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Travel Agents Association Abbott in the UK says tourism is important for European cities economically, and has become even more important over the past few years. Most people understand that in certain parts of the year they will have to share their city with a lot of tourists. Abbott blames on-line services such as Airbnb and BG, which damage the traditional tourist business model and promote illegal tourist accommodation.

The organization says the rapid popularity of the Payer-to-Economy over the past few years has led to an increase in tourist numbers in many cities and lack of legislation in this sector has made it difficult to accurately estimate the number of tourists. Is. We want a system that takes into account the interests of the tourist local residents and the tourist business trio.

Logically, this system should take care of both tourists staying at pier-to-peer residences and hotels. Abbott’s position may also be correct. It is estimated that up to 40% of tourist accommodation in Barcelona is rented without the permission of the authorities. But because of this, it has become difficult for locals to find slightly priced accommodation. Tour operators and other local businesses say that despite the lack of tourists, people have not been able to come, and perhaps the Spanish government. That will be the hope.

That the number of tourists should not be less. Last year 7.7 million tourists came to Spain and in 2017 it is expected that 83 million tourists will visit Spain. Spain is still trying to improve from the 2007 global financial crisis, and tourism is very important right now. Lucy Fogle, chief executive of Track Soft, a provider of software for travel agencies, understands the recent crisis that the tourism industry will have to change.

This crisis is disturbing. But instead of the economic, the sentiment factor is important. There is no doubt that the problem will continue, but we are seeing some things that have to change, such as better legislation and better distribution of money between different cities. This year may not be affected by the number of tourists. The increase in tourist numbers is a result of global economic forces. Turkey has become one of the most attractive destinations in the past because of security concerns over popular tourist destinations such as Tunisia and Egypt. But it is thought that the impact of recent protests will be felt in 2018.

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