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Section 144 enforces against illegal cattle markets in Lahore

There is a growing trend in the cattle markets across the country to pay for Saint Ibrahim, and it is true that both buyers and sellers are looking at rising inflation, but the increase in animal prices year after year has led to the sacrifice. If not, then the tradition of collective sacrifice has increased due to inflation.
Since the hobby has no value, wherever a buyer looks at the teeth of a goat, one focuses most on its weight and beauty; buyers are happy to see the animals, but when their prices When you listen, all the happiness becomes unbelievable. Before Eid al-Adha’s arrival, cattle markets in Lahore are full of animals.

Section 144 enforces against illegal cattle markets in Lahore

According to details, before the Eid al-Adha, cattle markets are brought not only to Lahore but from all over Punjab. Traders remain in a bid to get the maximum price for the animals, while on the other hand, buyers try to get the animal at the right price. Like every year, the management does not seem to be satisfied with this arrangement.

Traders suspect that no better arrangements have been made in cattle market. There is no electricity and no water supply for livestock. The purchase of sacrificial animals is still low, but livestock markets with children are turning to markets. Section 144 was enforced by the Punjab Home Department against the establishment of illegal cattle markets across the city. A notification has been issued by the Home Department of Punjab that the sale of cattle will be taken under section 144 against allotted places.

Seven locations have been allotted for cattle markets across the city, except that it would be illegal to sell animals for sacrifice elsewhere. According to the notification, illegal livestock markets impose poor environment and traffic flow so strict action will be taken against the violators. Like the country, Eid-ul-Adha preparations are underway in the Punjab capital of Lahore, where two animals have been brought to the cattle market called ‘Rustam Punjab’ and ‘Lion Punjab’.

Animal owners claim that animals like ‘Rustam Punjab’ and ‘Lion Punjab’ do not exist all over Pakistan. The owners said they cared for the two animals while their hard work brought color. Animal prices are high in the market this year, however, people are turning to the market in large numbers. Animals markets in Lahore are also injecting sprays with animal spray to prevent illnesses, but no effective measures and measures are being taken to protect consumers and traders from Congo virus.

Two people have been washed away in Punjab by animal-caused Congo disease. Like other cities, animal markets have begun to be sacrificed for Eid-ul-Azha in Lahore. The district administration has set up medical camps for injection and medicines with spraying in the markets to protect the animals from diseases.

There are measures to protect animals from diseases in these markets, but no arrangements are yet to be made to save traders and customers from the mites on an animal’s body. A dealer in the cattle market in Lahore has announced that my bull is worth Rs 10 lakh and if Shahbaz Sharif buys it, I will give it to 20 lakh. There is a good number of expensive animals in the Lahore cattle market.

A trader in the market said, “My bull is worth a million. If Shahbaz Sharif buys, I will get Rs 20 lakh instead of 1 million. Because he is the chief. Don’t give a free bull. Low cost is only for ordinary logs, not for Shahbaz Sharif. Robbers robbed merchants who came to sell cattle in Chuhang area of ​​Lahore. Six million robbers escaped with 3 million cash and mobile phones.

During the resistance two traders were injured and shifted to Jinnah Hospital for medical help. On the other hand, the injured relatives have submitted Police have launched raids to arrest the suspects. Sheikh Rasheed, head of the Pakistan Awami Muslim League, continues to make headlines because of his clever statements.

In particular, his prediction of the sacrifice before the sacrifice has gained special fame, since now the Eid altar is also coming, so once again Sheikh Rashid came to the field and said that everyone was surprised. According to details, the arrival of Eid-ul-Adha is due to which cattle markets have sunk, but the common man cannot even think of buying animals for sacrifice, which is the main reason for the severe inflation in the markets. Sheikh Rasheed’s enthusiasm woke when he saw the tweet saying “Private animal prices in the sky in Lahore’s biggest goat market”. In reply to “Nayamal is coming from GT Road”

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