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Egypt journalists raided media office arrested 3 journalists

Cairo (Online) Egyptian police raided the office of a local journalist, Madi Egypt, and arrested 3 news editors. According to a person who entered our offices, we have just received our phones and laptops back, Lena Atala, Mohammad Hamama and Rana Mamdoh have been taken to the prosecution service. ”Mimi Misra wrote in a post on social media that The 9 officers dressed in plain clothes have been on the website for several hours.

The journalists were questioned, demanded to lock their phones and laptops and hand over them. It is unknown where the arrested journalists are at present. The report said that according to local time yesterday. The raid was carried out at Madi Egypt’s office at around 1:30 pm, the day before the raid on which the 37-year-old news editor, Shadi Zlat, was arrested from his home in 2014.News reported on the website’s Twitter account It was reported that ‘Shaidi Zalat was released at 5:30 pm last evening.’

Security issues a probe on issues. It is also to be remembered that last year, the Egyptian court extended the custody of Algeria channel journalist Mahmood Hussein for the 17th time, arrested December 20, 2016 at the airport in Cairo. , When they returned to Egypt for the holidays.

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