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Indian couple’s spying on Sikhs and Kashmiris begins trial

Berlin (NNI) – A trial has begun for an Indian spy agency in Germany against an Indian couple who spied on Sikh and Kashmiri communities. They were sentenced to 10 years in prison if the alleged Indian spy couple were found guilty. According to German media, 50-year-old Manmohan S. and his wife 51-year-old Kanul Jait were indicted in March this year and the trial against the two began in a Frankfurt court this year. Earlier in a statement, Manmohan S.

Agreed to provide information to an employee of the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing-Ra about the German Sikh community, the Kashmiri Movement and their relatives. Participated in monthly meetings with the Intelligence Officer and the couple were paid a total of 7,200 euros. According to religious rights group Raymond, the number of Sikhs in Germany is between 10 and 20 thousand, although they are based in Britain and Italy. Is the third largest party in Europe. RAW had warned the government about the re-organization of Sikh militants around the world while intelligence was also provided regarding links between separatist movements in Punjab and Kashmir.

It was a month ago that RAW sent a report to the Prime Minister’s Office warning of the re-organization of Sikh fundamentalist organizations in the world. The report was submitted on June 16, which included Germany, France, the United States. , The separatist movement was reported in Pakistan and Malaysia. On June 6, 2015, the Sikh separatist movement Babar Khalifa International (BKI-G) and the Sikh Federation (SF-G) staged a demonstration before the Indian Consul General in Frankfurt, Germany.

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