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Saudi Arabia’s biggest honor in which field won?

Riyadh (NNI) Saudi Arabia also received a new award in the field of knowledge and research globally. According to media reports, 14 scholars and teaching staff members of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia in 2019. Has joined the global list of researchers. These scholars have been summoned due to their academic efforts and their research in the field of research in the international journal. Cast President Tony Chen said that the university as a research academic institution and its faculty members List

I am proud to join. King Abdullah has been added to the list of the best universities in the world. Joining the list of 14 university scholars to international researchers is the biggest achievement of a 10-year career. He says joining the global list of researchers at the University of King Abdullah Science Veterinary Sciences further routes to the field of scientific research in Saudi Arabia.

Will open. The efforts of the University researchers will allow other knowledgeable scholars of the world and the State will have the opportunity to join the scholars of other countries to join their research. This global list of scholars has high experience in various fields of 60 countries. Includes 6217 researchers.

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