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What new job has Indian police started in occupied Kashmir?

Srinagar (ANN): The occupied Jammu and Kashmir police reviews online news coverage of the valley situation and monitors the social media platforms of activists, journalists and political leaders. News and social media revealed Happened after accidentally releasing a document containing screenshots of the posts. In the document, which was sent as an incorrectly linked email to the J&K police email ID, which includes the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran

Khan, Pakistani journalist, India and Pakistan activist tweets are included. According to the South Asian Wire, posts in all news and seven-page documents are circulating around Kashmir and after the cancellation of Article 370 on August 5, ” Unusual “situation. A tweet issued by the document states: “This curfew has now entered its 28th day; Kashmir has been disconnected from the world since August 5; shortage of important goods, including medicines and food, shops.” , Schools and businesses are closed. More than 4,500 have been arrested.

Another screenshot is of tweets by Shahla Rashid, a former vice president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union, according to the South Asian Wire. Police have filed an FIR under Section 124A (Malik Rebellion), along with several other allegations, on their respective tweets. Police officials have said on previous occasions that they are going to monitor a very large way to upset hyn.sawth Asian Wire misuse of social media are also those whose tweets Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir

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