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Dengue raised his head again

The outbreak of the dengue virus in Peshawar has exceeded 800 in just a few days, which is very alarming. Earlier in 2011, dengue outbreak was spread in Lahore and other parts of Punjab with the same prevalence, which had spread to other parts of the country but the Punjab …

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Pakistanische Studenten stellen in den USA die elektrische Rikscha vor

Studenten sind die kostbare Hauptstadt unseres Landes, sie haben Pakistan bereits mehrfach international bekannt gemacht und das pakistanische Studententeam, Prakash Rider, hat kürzlich den Hult-Preis gewonnen. Wurden aufgezogen. Es ist anzumerken, dass der jährlich stattfindende Hilt-Preis der Rutgers-Universität eine Million Dollar zur Verfügung stellt. Pakistanische Studenten stellen in den USA …

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Trump threatens Muslim countries

Despite US threats, Donald Trump’s declaration regarding Jerusalem occupied by the United Nations General Assembly was passed overwhelmingly against the United States, in favor of the resolution proposed by Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen and Iraq, and 128 only in opposition. Votes came in. While 35 members were absent despite being present …

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Pak Army knowledge of peace

Tensions between Pakistan and India have escalated after the Paloma incident, but in the whole situation, there is a praiseworthy response from our government, the military and the public to positive anti-Semitism, and a common Pakistani citizen, from the Prime Minister to the peacemaker, is most eager to see peace. …

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